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Is a tall husband and short wife marriage ideal?

Is a tall husband and short wife marriage ideal?

A tall husband and short wife are often seen as a complementary pairing, and many women prefer men who are taller than them.

But is this true for everyone? Does height matter to women all that much?

Based on what we see in the media, the guy is usually much taller than the girl, which likely reinforces these preferences within our culture.


Will a tall husband and short wife have a happy marriage?

A man and a woman looking romantic

An ideal height difference is no guarantee of a happy marriage because human relationships are very intricate and are based on far more than surface-level attraction.

However, research does suggest that women strongly prefer men who are taller than themselves. One study showed that greater height differences lead to increased happiness for the wife.

The author of the study did note, however, that this height satisfaction, so to speak, gradually weakened over time and completely fizzled out after around 18 years. [1]

So while many newly wedded women may be infatuated by their tall husbands initially, it seems like the novelty of their husband being tall wears off after a while.

I suppose many women like the feeling of being petite and of being protected by their taller husband.

Add in the fact that men simply are taller than women on average—a fact of nature—and you can understand why a large height difference is highly sought after among singles.

What challenges will a short wife and a tall husband face?

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One initial challenge that a tall guy and short girl might face pre-marriage is making sure that they’re not just entering into a relationship due to surface-level attraction.

After all, a simple height difference by itself isn’t enough to create a long-lasting and happy marriage. Just look at the various celebrity breakups if you don’t believe me!

Still, on the practical level, a tall husband would have to bend down to kiss his shorter wife, which many people actually think is cute.

Some women also don’t like to look too short next to their man. So if the height difference is particularly striking, then some ladies might feel a bit self-conscious about how they look standing next to their other half.

Do most marriages consist of a tall husband and a short wife?

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It’s safe to say that most husbands are taller than their wives, although there are exceptions to this. By how much are husbands usually taller?

It’s impossible to know the specifics. 

Research shows that women really value a man’s height even more than his ability to provide resources. [2] As such, it’s highly likely that the majority of women will marry a man who’s taller than them.

Of course, in some cultures, height may be valued to a greater or lesser degree. But I think the consensus among researchers is that the female preference for tall men is a hardwired evolutionary trait rather than just a cultural phenomenon.

After all, a lot of women would feel very self-conscious if they towered over their husband. And while some women don’t like looking tiny beside their man, they prefer that kind of size difference to the reverse of it.

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In conclusion

A tall husband and a short wife will look complementary and naturally have a pleasing height contrast between them. This will make the man feel strong, and the woman feel protected.

That granted, human relationships and marriages are about much more than just height or even physical characteristics.

Also, when you consider the fact that men simply are taller than women by nature, you realize that a tall husband short wife marriage just is very likely statistically. 


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