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What do 20 inch hips look like?

What do 20 inch hips look like?

20 inches is a very large hip width measurement if we’re talking about the physical width of your hip bones. If, on the other hand, we’re talking about having 20 inch hips in total—including the buttocks—then that’s very small indeed.

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How big are 20 inch hips?

A woman showing her 20 inch hips

So, how big are 20 inch hips? It depends on whether you’re talking about hip width or hip circumference. These are two very different measurements.

If you’re talking about the actual width between your hip bones (known as biiliac breadth), then 20″ hips are extremely large and are an indication that you have a huge frame.

But if you’re talking about circumference, then 20 in hips are tiny. Indeed, 20 inch hips and 21 inch hips are a normal size for a 2 to 3-year-old child!

Of course, this data might be useful if you want to see how your child is developing, but no healthy adult should have 20 inch hips.

How can you get a 20 inch butt or a 21 inch butt?

A woman's 21 inch butt

Honestly? You probably can’t. When you consider that a circumference measurement that’s 10 inches bigger than our 20-inch example is already slim, you begin to realize that sculpting 20 inch hips is just about impossible for an adult, teenager, or even for a child.

As mentioned, only very young children have 21 inch hips.

Now, if you’re talking about building a 20 inch butt in terms of width, then that’s a very different question. Virtually nobody can acquire the buttocks mass naturally to have hips or glutes that are 20 inches wide. It’s not possible.

The only way that a person could get 20 inch wide hips is via surgery, which is a path that some women have actually taken.

Is it possible to add 20 inches to your hips?

A woman doing hip thrusts at the gym

Unless your hips are really skinny now, it’s unlikely that you could add a full 20 inches to your current hip measurement, at least not without getting fat.

There are, of course, plenty of obese people who’ve added 20 inches (and more) to their hips. But this isn’t the kind of mass that most people are seeking.

You’re much better off lowering your expectations and building quality gluteal muscle mass instead. This way, your hips will look larger but also natural, and you won’t have to sacrifice your health by gaining too much weight or going through questionable cosmetic procedures.

In conclusion

An obese woman with 20 inch wide hips

As I explained throughout this article, 20 inch hips are either huge or tiny, depending on whether you’re talking about width or circumference.

Only developing children have 20 inch hips, so you shouldn’t try to make your hips impossibly slim if you’re a teenager or an adult.

Instead, do exercise that you enjoy and consume a healthy, whole foods diet. This way, your hips will look natural and proportionate to the rest of your body.