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The pros and cons of having 26 inch hips

The pros and cons of having 26 inch hips

26 inch hips are much wider than the ​​average female hip width—more than twice as wide, to be precise. Knowing this, is it actually possible for someone to get 26 inch hips?

It depends on whether you’re talking about circumference or width. But as you’ll soon find out, in most cases, the answer is a resounding no.

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What do 26 inch hips look like?

A woman with a 26 inch butt

Let’s start with 26 inch wide hips. In this case, 26″ hips would look absolutely huge because they’d be more than twice as wide as usual.

In order to actually get a 26 inch butt, you’d need to be carrying a lot of excess body weight. And although a rarity, there are surely some morbidly obese individuals out there who have genuine 26 in hips when measured across.

As for circumference, this is just as rare, but for a different reason; 26 inch hips are tiny for an adult. This fact becomes especially apparent when you learn that 26 inch hips are a normal size for a 7 to 8-year-old child.

So with this in mind, no healthy adult could possibly have 26″ hips, especially considering that 26 inches is very slim for a waist—never mind for your hips.

What are the pros and cons of having 26 inch hips?

A woman showing her 26 inch booty

If we’re talking about 26 inch wide hips, then the main drawback is that in order to actually get 26 inch hips, you’d need to walk around at an obese body weight, which could harm your health.

On a more positive note, some people have gotten a lot of attention for having incredibly large hips, which has helped them to launch their careers. Indeed, there seems to be a market for all kinds of weird and wonderful things these days.

But for most people, their long-term physical health is far more important than internet fame, in which case making your hips excessively large is a bad idea because when your hips become too big, they can start to negatively affect your everyday life (trouble buying clothes, trouble fitting into the car seat, etc.)

Of course, as I said above, having a 26 inch hip circumference is also bad because it’s a sign of an extremely low body weight.

The verdict on having 26″ hips

A woman who has 26 inch hips

Many people like the thought of having big hips. And indeed, you can have big hips by increasing your body weight and training your glutes with weights. But past a certain point, your hips can start to become a hindrance to a successful life rather than an asset to one.

If you have 26 inch hips measured across, then you’ve most likely reached this point. But there is good news: If you’ve built your 26 inch butt naturally, then you can reduce it by exercising regularly and consuming fewer calories than usual, which will result in weight loss.