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Does anyone actually have 24 inch hips?

Does anyone actually have 24 inch hips?

24 inches is around twice the average male hip width. So anyone who has 24 inch wide hips has a very large bone structure indeed (or an unbelievable amount of glute mass).

On the other hand, if you’re talking about 24 inch hips in terms of circumference, then that’s tiny and an indication that you’re seriously underweight. More on that in a minute.

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Is it possible to have 24 inch hips?

A woman who has 24 inch hips

As an adult? No, it’s just not possible for an adult to have 24 inch hips if by that you mean a 24 inch hip circumference. After all, 24 inches is a normal measurement for 6-year-old children, so you can see why it’s impossible for an adult to have 24″ hips.

Now, if you’re talking about 24 in hips in terms of width, then that’s more likely but still virtually impossible, at least not without surgical enhancement.

Building a 24 inch butt in terms of width would mean having questionable cosmetic alterations performed on your buttocks, which could harm your health. Still, this potential risk hasn’t put some people off.

Most people, of course, don’t have the bone structure to support 24 inch hips of any description—even if they have a lot of muscle mass and body fat.

How can you get 24 inch wide hips?

An obese woman with 24 inch wide hips

Not via natural methods, most of the time. If you’re morbidly obese, then it’s conceivable that you might have 24 inch wide hips. But this kind of body obviously isn’t desirable from a physical health standpoint.

Other people have managed to get a 24 inch wide butt by having surgery, but this isn’t ideal from a health perspective either.

If your actual hip bones are half as broad as our 24 inch example, then they’re already pretty wide. So, based on this fact, you can see how unrealistic 24 inch hips are for the vast majority of people.

Can you add 24 inches to your butt?

A woman with twenty four inch hips doing squats

Naturally? If you’re willing to gain a lot of body fat, then yes. But this isn’t advisable because gaining 24 inches on your hips would likely mean becoming obese, which can increase your risk of chronic disease.

Instead, your best bet is to train your glutes with weights so that they get bigger. Then, you could slowly increase your body weight (unless you’re already overweight) so that you can fuel your glute development and broaden your hips.

Even if you’re really skinny now, it would be almost impossible to add 24 inches to your hips without gaining a massive excess of body fat.

The verdict

A woman's 24 in hips

So, as you’ve learned, nobody but growing children have 24 inch hips from a circumference perspective.

And, in terms of width, 24 inches is very wide for a body part like the hips and would definitely require an unnatural amount of buttocks mass.