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Do many people have 27 inch hips?

Do many people have 27 inch hips?

One thing’s for sure; the average hip width measurement is much less than 27 inches. So, with this in mind, is it even possible for a person to have 27 inch hips?

In terms of both width and circumference, the answer is almost certainly no. More on that in a sec.

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Are 27 inch hips big or not?

A woman who has 27 in hips

So, are 27 inch hips big or not? In terms of width, yes, but in terms of circumference, no.

If you have 27 inch wide hips, then you’re probably measuring incorrectly, considering that a measurement that’s half as big as our 27-inch example is still very wide.

On the other hand, if you have 27 in hips circumference-wise, then that’s an indication that you’re severely underweight because 27 inches is a normal size for an 8-year-old child.

Of course, if you have children with 27 inch hips, then that’s most likely okay. It’s just that no healthy adult should have the same measurements as a relatively young child, that’s all.

How do you get 27″ hips?

A woman with a 27 inch hip

If you’re talking about 27 inch wide hips, then the only natural way to get 27″ hips is to become obese. Of course, this kind of body is not desirable from a physical health perspective.

The other way that people have managed to get 27 inch hips is by having extreme amounts of buttocks cosmetic surgery to artificially plump up their butt. While having a 27 inch butt might get these people some attention over the short term, in the long run, these questionable procedures could cause significant harm.

Neither option is good because both require being overweight or obese, which comes with a variety of negative health consequences.

What are the drawbacks of having 27 inch hips?

A woman showing her 27 inch butt

If you have hips that measure 27 inches across, then you might find it hard to function in everyday life. For example, it could be hard to find clothes that fit you well, and you might have to buy two seats on an airplane.

That’s from a practical perspective. But as I mentioned, you simply can’t have 27 inch wide hips without being obese, and, as we know, carrying too much excess body fat can increase your risk of chronic disease.

Now, if we’re talking about 27 inch hips in terms of circumference, then that’s also bad because it’s a strong sign that you’re very underweight, which could lead to malnutrition and a compromised immune system.

In conclusion

A woman with a 27 inch booty

Few adults have 27 inch hips, which is definitely for the best. However, there are likely some obese people out there who’ve let their weight get out of control and, as such, have ended up with 27″ hips.

In this case, the weight gain can be reversed by calorie restriction and increased physical activity. If common forms of exercise are too challenging, then performing exercises while seated is a viable option.