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Is it possible to have 25 inch hips?

Is it possible to have 25 inch hips?

25 inches is more than twice the average hip width for both men and women. Therefore, if you have a 25 inch butt, then you have a massive amount of gluteal mass. But is it even possible for most people to get 25 inch hips?

Not through natural means, no. But that hasn’t deterred some people from trying. So if you want to learn what a 25 inch booty would actually look like, then this guide is for you.

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Who typically has 25 inch hips?

A woman who has a 25 in butt

It depends on whether you’re talking about width or girth.

For example, 25 inch hips are a normal size circumference-wise for 7-year-old children. Therefore, it’s virtually impossible for a healthy adult to have hips that small.

As for hip width, 25 inch hips are also abnormal for an adult, but for a different reason; they’re twice as wide as usual. This is in terms of hip bone width.

It’s obviously easiest to get a 25 inch butt from the back because the glutes have more growth potential than your actual hip bones. Still, you’d need masses of gluteal tissue to have hips that are anywhere near 25 inches across.

How can you get a 25 inch butt?

A woman with a 25 inch hip

Naturally, the only way to get a 25 inch butt would be to gain an extreme amount of body weight. Obviously, doing this would not be good for your health, and the weight would take years to accumulate.

Other people have tried to get a 25 inch wide butt through artificial means, specifically buttocks augmentation surgeries. These procedures come with risks, and the end results can also make your hips look disproportionately big.

Now, 25 inches is a nice round number, which is one reason why I suspect many people want to get hips that are 25 inches wide. However, rather than risk your health to achieve a certain measurement, you’re better off trying to increase the width of your hips in a natural way.

Training your glutes with weights on a regular basis is one way to do just this. Developing your glutes makes your hips larger which, in turn, makes your waist look narrower.

People who naturally store more fat on their hips than on their waist can take this even further by increasing their body weight, in which case the extra weight will go to their hips and thighs rather than their stomach.

What are the downsides of having a 25 inch booty?

An obese woman with a 25 inch butt

Obesity is the main downside of having a 25 inch booty because, in order to have a 25 inch butt, you’d need to carry excess body weight.

For some people, this extra weight may be worth the extra buttocks mass. But as I mentioned earlier, you can still have large hips without resorting to cosmetic procedures or huge body weight increases.

Additionally, having a huge butt may lead to unwanted attention, which could harm your self-confidence.

Of course, if we’re talking about 25 inch hips in terms of circumference, then that’s a completely different situation and one that’s just as bad. Indeed, no adult or teenager should have hips that are the same size as those of a young child.

In conclusion

An obese lady showing her 25 inch booty

Now you know what it would take to get 25 inch hips. And, as you can see, it’s just not possible for most people to get a 25 inch butt naturally because, despite being the largest muscle on the body, the glutes can only get so big, which is certainly less than 25 inches wide.