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Learn why some people have 59 inch hips

Learn why some people have 59 inch hips

I won’t sugar coat it; if you’re walking around with 59 inch hips, then you’re definitely not enjoying optimal health—or anything close to it.

You can see our “how to measure my hips” guide to ensure that you’re measuring your hips correctly. But, if you do genuinely have 59″ hips, then you’re putting your physical health in danger.

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Why do some people have a 59 inch butt?

An obese man sat on the sofa with a drink

Some people have “built” their 59 inch butt by getting dangerous injections, whereas others have acquired 59 inch hips over the years by gaining excess body fat.

Both scenarios are obviously bad, and there are different fixes in each case—surgery on the one hand and weight loss on the other.

A person might get butt injections if they feel insecure about their body and wish that they were curvier. Unfortunately, this kind of body dysmorphia can result in hips that look way out of proportion with the rest of your body.

Conversely, people who have a 59 inch booty due to being obese usually get their 59 in hips due to a lack of physical activity, overindulgence in junk foods, and unlucky fat storage genetics that cause them to accumulate a lot of gluteofemoral fat.

Why is having 59 inch hips unhealthy?

An obese man being examined by a doctor

Having 59 inch hips is unhealthy because if you have natural 59″ hips, then your other circumference measurements are probably too big as well.

If you have a large stomach, then that’s particularly bad from a physical health standpoint because excess stomach fat is associated with visceral fat.

Unlike the subcutaneous fat that you can grab, visceral fat is intra-abdominal fat that wraps around your internal organs and often leads to chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Obviously, if you’ve acquired a 59 inch butt through artificial means, then that’s also very unhealthy and would require very specific medical attention.

What can you do to slim your 59 inch hips?

An obese woman showing that she has a 59 inch booty

Slimming your 59 inch hips means losing body mass, which in turn means restricting your calories and increasing your activity level.

In practice, you could start going for a daily walk and doing three weekly workouts at home that you personally enjoy, whether that be with weights, resistance bands, or simply running on the spot.

Additionally, you’ll want to reduce your calories by around 500 per day. But if you’re really obese, then—under direction from a doctor or nutritionist—you can decrease your calories even more so that you can get to a healthier body weight ASAP.

Patience is also a crucial weight loss virtue to have. This is especially true If you store a lot of stubborn fat around your hips, seeing as this type of fat can hang around long after your body weight starts to decrease. But given enough time, even the stubbornest of fat will drop off your body.

The verdict: Should you be worried about having 59″ hips?

The 59 inch butt of an overweight man

Honestly? If you value your long-term health and wellbeing, then you should definitely be concerned about having 59 inch hips. The body just doesn’t function as well when you’re obese.

But it’s not all doom and gloom—far from it. The worse off you are now, the more dramatic your transformation will be. So you have a lot to look forward to and every chance of success if you just get started on the road to slimming your 59″ hips.