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The average 9th grader weight and height revealed

The average 9th grader weight and height revealed

This article is for you if you want to know the average height for a 9th grader and the average weight for a 9th grader.

The first year of high school, 9th grade is a crucial period for teenagers in many ways, and it’s normal for both 9th grade boys and 9th grade girls to be conscious about their height and weight.

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What is the average height for a 9th grader?

A girl getting measured to see if she has an average 9th grader height

What is the average height for a 9th grader? According to the data, the average height for a 9th grader is 5 feet 7 inches for 9th grade boys and 5 feet 4 inches for 9th grade girls.

It must be said that these heights are rounded to the nearest whole inch for ease of reporting. Of course, when it comes to a topic that’s of a great concern for many developing young people, the specifics are just as important as the ease of consumption.

So, with that in mind, the true average 9th grader height is 5ft 6.5in for boys and 5ft 3.7in for girls.

Since the previous grade, the average 9th grade boy will have gotten around 2.5 to 3 inches taller, whereas the average 9th grade girl will have gained 1.5 to 2 inches of height.

Boys will continue to grow in height for around 3-4 years after 9th grade, whereas most girls will reach their adult height in approximately 9th grade. There are, of course, exceptions to this.

What is the average weight for a 9th grader boy?

A table showing the average weight for a 9th grader boy

What is the average weight for a 9th grader boy? According to an NHANES report, the average weight of a 9th grade boy is 143.6 pounds or 65.14 kilograms.

This body weight is a sizable 10 lb increase since the previous grade, which makes sense given the additional height that a boy will gain between grades 8 and 9.

In the following year, between grades 9 and 10, the average boy will gain more than 15 lbs of body weight, much of it lean mass, as he continues to work towards his adult frame.

During this time of rapid physical growth and maturation, it’s important that 9th grade boys eat a nutritious diet that has enough calories and protein as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, sleep is a crucial part of a growing person’s development because it’s the main way that the body secretes growth hormone.

What is the average weight for a 9th grader girl?

A table showing the average 9th grader weight for girls

What is the average weight for a 9th grader girl? Based on the data, the average weight for a 9th grade girl is 137 pounds or 62.14 kilograms.

This weight is, on average, a 10-12 lb body mass increase since the previous grade for many girls.

Although girls do tend to get heavier during their later teenage years, a girl’s weight doesn’t tend to change much between grades 9 and 10. 

Again, this is just on average. There will be some girls—perfectly healthy—who naturally put on some extra body mass as they grow into their adult bodies.

Is it normal for some 9th graders to weigh more than average?

A person stood on some weighing scales

During puberty, height and weight tend to increase together. As such, it’s perfectly normal for tall children to weigh more than their shorter peers.

On the other end of the spectrum, active children, who often have lean physiques, may weigh quite a bit less than their more sedentary peers.

Research shows that 9th grade boys tend to be more active than girls of the same age, so it’s crucial that every effort is made to get both genders to exercise on a regular—and ideally daily—basis.

If a person doesn’t have positive exercise habits in place during their teenage years, then it can become much harder to get active as they get older, which may be one reason why a lot of people gain significant amounts of weight during adulthood.

What age is 9th grade in America?

What age is 9th grade in America? In the United States, 9th grade, which is the freshman year of high school, is equal to ages 14 and 15.

In the United Kingdom, American 9th grade is equal to UK year 10. To convert US and UK school years, just add one to the US number.

Conclusion: Who should know the average 9th grader weight and height?

Whether you’re in 9th grade yourself or the parent of a 9th grader, knowing the average 9th grader weight and height is useful for tracking your or your teen’s physical development.

None of this is to say that being taller or shorter than average, for example, is a bad thing. Height, in particular, is mainly a product of your genetics, so it’s perfectly normal for 9th grade girls and boys to be of various heights and weights.


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