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What is the average weight and height for a 5th grader?

What is the average weight and height for a 5th grader?

If you want to learn how much a 5th grader should weigh and how tall they should be, then this guide will give you the information that you’re looking for.

Using US government data as our source, we’ll reveal the average 5th grader weight and the average 5th grader height so that you can see if your child is on track with their physical development.

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What is the average weight for a 5th grader?

A boy weighing himself to see if he has an average 5th grader weight

What is the average weight for a 5th grader? According to body mass research, the average weight for a 5th grader is 89.8 pounds for 5th grade boys and 90.6 pounds for 5th grade girls.

As you can see, fifth grade girls weigh slightly more than 5th grade boys, which may well be because girls start puberty a bit earlier than boys on average.

The average 5th grade girl will have gained around 14 or 15 pounds of body mass since grade 4 and will gain an additional 15 lbs as she moves into grade six.

It’s a similar case for boys. Fifth grade boys have typically gained 10 or 11 pounds since the previous school year and will usually gain around 12 pounds before moving up a grade.

What is the average height for a 5th grader?

A girl being measured to see if she has an average 5th grader height

What is the average height for a 5th grader? Based on data that measured the height of fifth grade children, the average height for a 5th grader is 4 feet 8 inches tall.

If we use the non-rounded values, then the average 5th grader height is 4ft 7.7in for boys and 4ft 8.3in for girls, meaning that 5th grade girls are half an inch taller than 5th grade boys.

This small height difference corresponds perfectly to the small weight difference between 5th grade boys and girls that we observed in the previous section.

Are some 5th grade boys taller than their female peers?

Of course! But since girls generally start growing taller at a slightly earlier age than boys, it’s to be expected that a 5th grade female will be ever so slightly bigger than a 5th grade male.

Why do some 5th graders weigh more than others?

A 5th grader seeing how much they should weigh

Since height and weight tend to increase together as a child gets older, it’s normal for a 5th grader to weigh more than their classmates if they’re also taller.

Of course, some 5th graders may well be carrying excess body fat due to overeating or a lack of physical activity. Many children, however, will return to a healthy weight once they enter puberty, as their bodies begin to make use of the extra calories for lean mass growth.

In the meantime, finding a sport or activity that your child personally enjoys is a great way to get them active, which, besides helping them to maintain a healthy weight, will also make them feel more capable and improve their cognitive function.

5th graders need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, so offering your child a variety of different activities across the week will help them to find things that they enjoy while also keeping them active.

Is it normal for some 5th graders to be tall and short?

A boy and a girl stood back to back

Yes, it’s definitely normal for some 5th graders to be significantly taller or shorter than others. If you think back to when you were in 5th grade, I’ll bet that you can remember who the short kids and tall kids were.

Not everyone is the exact same age in 5th grade. So if a child is many months younger than their peers, for example, then it’s normal for them to be shorter. The reverse of this is also true; older 5th graders are likely to be a bit taller than their classmates.

Similarly, if a fifth grader has tall parents—or if they’ve already started puberty—then they’ll naturally be taller than their peers as well.

What age is 5th grade in the USA?

What age is 5th grade in the USA? In America, 5th grade is equal to ages 10 and 11 and is the last year of elementary school.

In England and Wales in the UK, 5th grade is equal to year 6, which is the final year before secondary education begins.

Conclusion: How tall is the average 5th grader?

The average 5th grader, as we now know, is approximately 4 feet 8 inches tall. But if a child has a much later or earlier birthday than the majority of their peers, a 5th grader can be quite a bit shorter or taller than this average height.

The same goes for weight, seeing as body mass tends to increase alongside height as a child develops.


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