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Is it possible to have a BMI of 80?

Is it possible to have a BMI of 80?

The vast majority of people, no matter how much they overeat, will never reach a BMI of 80. Why?

Because in order to have an 80 BMI, you’d almost certainly need to weigh over 500 lbs, which is a body mass that most people simply can’t tolerate.

Since severe obesity dramatically increases a person’s risk of chronic disease, most people would succumb to fatal illness before reaching a body mass index of 80, which is an extraordinarily high male BMI (the same is true for women).


How many pounds is a BMI of 80?

A BMI 80 man at the beach

For most people, a BMI of 80 would be well over 500 lbs and, in some cases, 600 lbs or more. 

Body mass index takes into account both your height and weight, so not everyone would weigh the same at a BMI of 80.

Still, a BMI 80 individual would weigh more than twice as much as the average person, which would certainly result in an extreme, almost unbelievably high body weight.

Why is it dangerous to have a BMI of 80?

An 80 BMI man measuring his waist

Obesity is linked with a variety of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. The more obese someone is, the higher their risk of ill health.

It’s very likely that someone with a BMI of 80 is already suffering from an array of health problems that are ruining their life.

For this reason, it’s critical that those with an 80 BMI score or anywhere close to it seek professional help immediately so that they can attempt to lose weight under medical supervision.

How bad is an 85 BMI?

An 85 BMI is very bad from a health perspective because such a high body weight will almost certainly put illness-producing stress on the body and lead to dangerous diseases.

Most people, of course, simply wouldn’t be able to reach a BMI of 85 because their bodies wouldn’t be capable of functioning with so much extra weight on it.

How about an 88 BMI?

A BMI of 88 is so high that it’s unlikely to be reached by anyone but the 0.001% of the severely obese population. You know, the people you see in the documentaries who undergo weight loss surgery in an attempt to save their life.

In conclusion

While it might be interesting to learn that a tiny minority of people can, in fact, reach a BMI of 80, we also need to remember that these unfortunate individuals are in a very bad place.

Some people have problems that cause their weight to spiral out of complete control, but not usually to a body mass index of 80 or 85.

Hopefully, as time goes on, we can make it easier for people to maintain a healthy weight so that we don’t have to deal with the problems of extremely high BMIs as frequently.