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Learn why having a BMI of 70 is dangerous

Learn why having a BMI of 70 is dangerous

A BMI of 70 is extremely high because it’s more than double the overweight average and far above the normal BMI range. In fact, a 70 BMI score is so high that most people simply aren’t capable of being that heavy.

Still, there are some unfortunate individuals who lose control of their body weight and reach a staggeringly high BMI of 70 or a 75 BMI, which can really harm their health.


Why is having a BMI of 70 a health hazard?

A obese man with a BMI of 70

Being obese increases your risk of chronic illness. That’s why severely obese individuals are more likely than normal-weight people to suffer from strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

When you bear in mind that this is true for someone with a BMI half of 70, you begin to realize how dangerous it is to live life at a body mass index of 70.

A BMI 70 individual will likely have limited mobility and will thus require careful help and monitoring from health professionals as they attempt to lose weight.

Someone of this size will need to slash their calories in order to get the weight off their body as quickly as possible.

Crash dieting isn’t usually recommended, but aggressive calorie restriction is almost always necessary when you’re dealing with people who have a BMI of 70.

How much does a person with a BMI of 70 weigh?

A 70 BMI man sat at a table

A person with a BMI of 70 will likely weigh well over 400 lbs and, depending on their height, may weigh more than 500 lbs.

This extremely high body weight is why BMI 70 individuals can often have restricted movement, meaning that effective exercise becomes highly challenging and often outright impossible.

For this reason, nutrition is very important for those who are seriously obese because calorie restriction is something that you can practice on a daily basis regardless of how heavy you are.

Similar body max index scores to BMI 70

A BMI 75 man sat on his bed

Within the BMI 70 category, there are other body mass index scores that some extremely obese individuals might have.

BMI 71

A BMI of 71 is a sign that an individual needs professional help to lower their extremely high body weight.

BMI 72

Those with a BMI of 72 are putting their health at serious risk because such a body mass index is more than double the average.

BMI 73

A 73 BMI is considered to be extremely obese and is so high that most people simply wouldn’t be able to get that heavy.

BMI 74

A BMI of 74 is dangerously high and needs to be reduced under the care and supervision of medical professionals.

BMI 75

A BMI 75 individual weighs more than twice as much as the average person, who is close to being obese themselves. Because of this, a BMI of 75 is far too high for a person to be even remotely healthy.

BMI 76

Most people simply wouldn’t be able to reach a BMI of 76 because this body mass index score is 36 points into the severely obese category.

BMI 77

A 77 BMI is a sign of extreme obesity and will require highly specialized medical intervention in order to be reduced.

BMI 78

Those with a BMI of 78 will be at a very high risk of chronic disease (if they are not chronically ill already) due to the fact that their body weight has spiraled out of control.

BMI 79

A BMI of 79 falls into the unbelievably high category in that, for most people, such a body mass index is so heavy that it’s literally unattainable.

Conclusion: How can you reduce a 70 BMI?

When attempting to reduce extremely high body mass indexes like BMI 70, it’s crucial that you seek professional help so that doctors can monitor your progress.

Weight loss can be stressful for the body of a severely obese person, and they require regular checkups and a special diet in order to shift their excess weight.