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Can you have a BMI of 90?

Can you have a BMI of 90?

Can you really have a BMI of 90? Or would most people’s bodies simply give in before reaching a 90 BMI? That’s the topic of today’s discussion.

While obesity is a major problem, most people—even those who are severely obese—don’t have a BMI that’s anywhere close to 90.


Is it possible to have a BMI of 90?

A 90 BMI man measuring his obese belly

Theoretically, it’s possible to have a BMI of 90 because there have been multiple individuals whose body mass index greatly exceeds 90.

Yet, most people simply don’t have the ability to get that heavy.

You’d need to weigh well over 500 lbs and, in many cases, much more than that. Most people’s bodies can’t tolerate this amount of weight for very long without succumbing to severe illness.

Of course, for whatever reason, be it genetics, appetite, bad habits, or a combination of factors, some people do end up with a 90 BMI. However, these people are in the minority and may be genetically predisposed to fat storage, at least to some extent.

Other BMI 90 scores and their obesity severity

An obese man with a BMI of 90

Here are some other BMI 90 scores, along with their degree of obesity.

94 BMI

A 94 BMI is more than three times as high as the standard obese BMI. As such, a person who is this heavy will need significant medical help to lose their excess weight.

95 BMI

A 95 BMI is well over three times higher than average, meaning that a person with a BMI of 95 literally weighs more than 3 borderline-obese Americans!

96 BMI

Those with a 96 BMI are a rarity in the sense that most people, even if they overeat and lead a highly sedentary lifestyle, couldn’t get that heavy.

97 BMI

A BMI of 97, as you probably realize by now, is extremely excessive and is almost a guarantee of life-altering poor health.

98 BMI

A 98 BMI is almost unheard of except for in TV documentaries that feature obese individuals who are undergoing life-saving weight loss surgery.

99 BMI

You’ll probably go your entire life without seeing someone who has a 99 BMI; that’s how rare it is. Most people’s bodies simply couldn’t reach this kind of body mass index.

Conclusion: How does someone end up with a 90 BMI?

Usually, someone ends up with a BMI of 90 because of a combination of things. Extreme overeating, a slow metabolism, genetic or health conditions, and a sedentary, bedridden lifestyle can cause significant and shocking weight gain.

Of course, even those who are severely obese are only around half the size of a BMI 90 person. Still, in rare cases, an individual can balloon to a 90 BMI if they let their weight spiral out of complete control.