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Do short girls like short guys?

Do short girls like short guys?

Did you know that a lot of short girls like short guys? And did you also know that some shorter women actually prefer short men to their taller counterparts?

This might seem counterintuitive since height—and plenty of it—is highly sought after by a number of women.

But as you’re about to learn, there are many women out there who actually really like short guys because, in many cases, they make better boyfriends.


Do short girls like short guys?

Do short girls like short guys? Yes, some short girls definitely like short guys because shorter men don’t absolutely tower over them, are easier to kiss, and have often developed a great personality to make up for their lack of stature.

Many short girls are also willing to look past a man’s height and focus on his personality instead. 

After all, at some point during a date or conversation, the mind takes over, and you start to evaluate people based on what they’re saying (and how they say it) rather than what they look like.

Why do short girls like short guys?

Want to know why short girls find short guys so irresistible? There are 4 main reasons why a short woman might actually prefer a short man to a taller guy.

They might have better character

A man and woman on a coffee date

Let’s be honest; some tall guys think that their height will do all the work for them. Sorry, but if you think that all girls are going to be swept off their feet by your 6-foot-plus stature, then you’re wrong.

While being tall doesn’t automatically make a guy arrogant, many shorter guys have gone through the effort (which in itself can be attractive) to develop magnetic confidence and captivating personalities because they know that they need to make up for their height in some other way.

Much of the time, character and personality trump looks and height. Do you agree?

They’re confident men

A confident and well-dressed man

When a short guy is confident in spite of his height, that’s really attractive because it shows that he doesn’t let other people’s opinions on his height get him down.

There are so many short male celebrities who you probably don’t even know are short simply because their energetic confidence distracts you from their lack of stature.

Short, confident men are attractive because confidence generally indicates that a man has his life in order. And anyway, would you really want a tall guy who lives in his parent’s basement and has loads of bad habits?

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Short guys don’t make them feel tiny

A romantic couple looking at each other

While some girls love feeling super tiny next to their boyfriend, others can’t stand feeling like they’re his daughter rather than his girlfriend.

Short guys, on the other hand, can actually be big and strong if they work out. And yet, they won’t tower over you and make you feel tiny.

Oh, and did I mention they’re at an ideal kissing height? That’s right; you won’t need to strain your neck and do an isometric calf raise just to show affection to your other half when you date a short guy.

Height doesn’t matter that much

A man and a woman on a date

While tall men can seem very attractive initially to many women, the novelty also wears off as they realize that a happy marriage or relationship needs more than just surface-level attraction.

On the other hand, some women really just don’t care if a man is tall or short.

They’d much rather focus their attention on the individuality of their boyfriend rather than his height, which so many other random men have in abundance.

In summary

At the end of the day, some women go crazy for tall guys, whereas many short girls like short guys.

My view is that with a strong enough personality, a guy can be attractive to even the most hard-nosed short-men-avoiders.

But whether that’s the case, one thing’s for sure; short girls like short guys that have inner confidence despite their stature.