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Do short girls like tall guys?

Do short girls like tall guys?

Do short girls like tall guys? If so, why do short women like tall men? These are the popular questions that we’ll be answering today.

While short girls and tall guys couldn’t possibly look less similar, these physical differences can actually be very complementary.


Do short women like tall men?

A young happy couple looking into each other's eyes

Many short women like tall men because they want a dependable, strong man that can protect them and look after them in both the good times and the bad. 

Tallness alone is unlikely to sweep a woman off her feet, at least not over the long term. However, many people believe that women are biologically hard-wired to prefer tall men over short men.

This is because taller guys are usually stronger, more physically and socially dominant, and, in evolutionary terms, would potentially provide the woman with stronger, healthier offspring and be better resource providers.

Why do short girls like tall guys?

Here are 5 reasons why short girls like tall guys. 

Some girls like to feel petite

A man and a woman looking romantic

Many women love feeling petite, which is made much easier when their other half is considerably taller than them.

On the contrary, many women would be very self-conscious if they were taller than their partner. This is because, in nature, so to speak, men are usually much taller than women.

Therefore, when the woman is taller than the man in a relationship, she might feel that she’ll receive unwanted attention because of the height difference.

For this reason, many short women prefer tall men or, at the very least, guys who stand a bit taller than them.

They want to feel protected

A couple laid on the bed cuddling

What woman doesn’t want to feel protected by her boyfriend or husband?

While short guys can certainly be strong protective partners, the dynamic of protector vs protected is more natural in a tall-guy-short-girl relationship because it reinforces the male-taller female-shorter norms that are generally observed in society.

Short girls often like to be held in their tall boyfriend’s long and strong arms, which makes them feel safe, secure, and deeply loved.

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They like the complementary height difference

A happy couple enjoying some time outside

It’s often said that men and women are complementary. Well, nowhere is this more true than with a short girl and a tall guy!

You could also say that they help to balance each other out and make up for one another’s deficits; if the short girl can’t reach the top shelf, her tall boyfriend certainly can.

Many women also feel that a big height difference between themselves and their significant others makes them look cuter and more feminine.

Tall guys earn more money

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Research shows that tall guys tend to earn more money than their shorter counterparts. [1]

And while a woman isn’t just going to date a guy for a few extra bucks, a good career shows that a man is willing to work hard and is capable of providing for his family.

Many women do, of course, have careers of their own. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t like a man who’s a success in his own right.

Tall guys have a higher social status

A tall man standing above his co-workers

Taller men often have a higher social status than shorter guys because, thanks to their stature, taller guys are seen as more persuasive and socially dominant, which is one reason why they might earn more money. [2]

So, as you can see, physical attributes aren’t the only reason why short women like tall men.

A man who commands respect from other men is often viewed as a desirable mate by women, irrespective of how tall he is. Maybe that’s why some girls like male celebrities even if they’re short.

In conclusion

I think it’s safe to say that many short girls like tall guys, whether that’s because of the complementary height gap, the guy’s social status, his broad build, or a combination of all of these attributes.

Of course, there are some short women who don’t like tall men because they want to avoid looking tiny next to their partner.

Ultimately, while tallness is an important male characteristic for many women, it’s not the only thing they look for because human relationships really do go beyond the mere physical.


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