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Are 33 inch hips small or not?

Are 33 inch hips small or not?

If you have 33 inch hips, then your hips are approximately 7 inches smaller than the average hips size for women. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

A given hip measurement is only ever bad if it’s a sign of a health problem (such as you being underweight). In terms of aesthetics, your 33″ hips might actually look great, depending on the size of your bust and waist. More on that in a minute.

See How Your Hips Compare:

Are 33 inch hips small?

A woman who has 33 inch hips

Are 33 inch hips small for a female? Yes, based on the data, 33 inch hips are small for a woman because they’re around 7 inches smaller than usual for an adult female.

However, if you have a petite build and a narrow waist, then your body will likely look very feminine. And besides, there are many other reasons for a person having 33 in hips.

For example, maybe you don’t store much fat around your hips, which would cause your circumference measurement to be on the small side.

Or maybe you don’t do any lower body resistance training at the moment. If you were to strengthen your glutes, then your hip size would almost certainly increase because the glutes are naturally one of the biggest muscles on the human body.

Additionally, there are surely plenty of growing children or teenagers who have 33 inch hips. So as I say, you really need to factor in your age, build, waist, and bust before deciding whether or not your 33″ hips are too small.

What size are 33 inch hips?

A chart showing what size 33 inch hips are in women's clothing

You should always check with the specific clothing brand, but, much of the time, 33 inch hips work out at a size XS (extra small) and a US size 0-2.

How can you increase the size of your ​​33 inch hips?

A woman doing hip thrusts at the gym

If you’re unhappy with the size of your 33 inch hips, then I have some good news for you: Growing your 33″ hips is completely possible, and results can happen faster than you think.

If you currently have rather slim hips, then you can see quick progress because the weight training exercises will be so novel to your body. In this regard, hip thrusts and split squats are your best bets because they emphasize the glutes rather than the quadriceps, which really helps to accentuate your hips.

Also, don’t be scared to consume more protein and healthy calories. A developing body requires fuel, and getting the nutrients that your growing glutes need will help your 33 inch butt to grow into a well-developed muscle.

It’s natural to gain a small amount of body fat when you start to eat more. But since you’ll hopefully be working out as well, those extra calories will be used to fuel your workouts. And anyway, there’s a good chance that any fat that you do gain will go to your hips rather than your waist.

Of course, you also need to exercise your patience. While the glutes have a lot of growth potential and can definitely start to size up pretty fast, complete transformations can take time. So don’t try to rush things by working out too much or measuring your hips every day to see if they’ve grown.

The verdict on having 33″ hips

A woman with a 33 inch butt

Although 33 inch hips are undeniably smaller than average for a woman, this doesn’t mean that they’re too small. Indeed, I’ve read forum discussions where many healthy women had 33″ hips and were very happy with their bodies.

Much of the time, your best bet is to simply embrace the way that you’re built and be thankful that you’re not overweight.

Of course, you’re also armed with the knowledge to actually grow and develop your 33 in hips should you want to. But, if you’re genuinely happy with your body, then don’t feel that you have to change it just because some people have bigger hips than you do.