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Are 37 inch hips a good size?

Are 37 inch hips a good size?

Statistically, if you have 37 inch hips, then you have a slightly below average hip size for women and men. But what does this mean for your body and the way it looks?

As you’ll soon learn, there’s much more to hip size than the number on the tape. The size of your waist, the size of your bust, and your body composition—among other things—all greatly influence how your 37″ hips actually look.

To learn more, you can see our average buttocks size guide or check out the other measurement articles below. Or, you can keep reading to learn how having 37 in hips affects your body.

Are 37 inch hips big for a woman?

A woman's 37 inch hips

Are 37 inch hips big for a woman or not? According to measurement data, 37 inch hips are not big for a woman because they’re around 3 inches smaller than usual for an adult female.

It’s important to clarify, however, that 37″ hips are by no means too small for a woman. Indeed, you can have a beautiful figure while having 37 in hips.

It’s very unlikely that you’re carrying excess body fat if you have a 37 inch hip size. So from a physical health standpoint, having 37 inch hips is actually a very good thing. But how about in terms of appearance?

Well, the size of your waist is the main determinant of how your 37 inch hips will look. If you have a narrow waist, then your hips might look even bigger than 37 inches. This is because, with 37″ hips and a slim waist, you’ll naturally have a low waist-to-hip ratio, which can protect against disease. [1]

Are 37 inch hips large for a man?

A man showing his 37 inch hips

Are 37 inch hips big for a man? Statistically speaking, 37 inch hips are a couple of inches smaller than usual for an adult male living in the US. However, your body composition is very important for determining how your 37 in hips actually look.

For example, if you train your legs regularly, then you might have muscular glutes and a relatively lean body. In this case, your glutes and hip muscles might actually look pretty well-developed even though—on average—your hips are on the slim side.

Of course, your hip bone structure also affects your hip measurement, but this doesn’t seem to vary as much as glute size or body fat.

Since the glutes are such a large muscle, they naturally have a big potential for fat storage. So it’s highly likely that many of the people who have bigger hips than 37 inches have them because of excess body fat and not because of being muscular.

What size are 37 inch hips?

A chart showing what size 37 inch hips are in women's clothing

What size are 37 inch hips for a woman? In women’s clothing, 37 inch hips work out at a size small, which is equal to a US size 4-6.

How can you develop your 37 inch butt?

A woman doing squats outside

Growing your 37 inch butt mainly comes down to training your glutes and, if applicable, slowly increasing your body weight as well. Let’s explore the first point in this particular article.

When it comes to glute exercises, you’re literally spoilt for choice. Movements like squats, hip thrusts, lunges, and step-ups have all been shown to really activate the glutes, which will definitely help to build your 37 inch booty. [2]

I recommend trying a lot of different exercises over the course of a month and then picking 3-6 movements that you really feel in your glutes. Ideally, these 3-6 exercises should work your glutes from different angles to stimulate the broadest possible variety of gluteal muscle fibers.

So you could do split squats (with a forward torso lean) to really stretch your glutes when your hips are in deep flexion. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you could do hips thrusts to really contract your glutes when your hips are loaded in full extension.

On top of these two mass builders, I’d also throw in some kind of hip abduction exercise to work the gluteus medius, which is an often neglected glute muscle.

You can, of course, do more exercises than this—especially as your glutes become accustomed to regular training. But when starting out, I think that it’s beneficial to focus on a few key exercises so that you can actually increase the resistance rather than just doing loads of sets.

Conclusion: Is it good to have 37″ hips?

The 37 inch butt of a woman

It’s definitely good to have 37 inch hips! Indeed, a given hip size is only ever bad if it’s an indication that you have some kind of health problem, such as being overfat.

Of course, many women want to reduce the size of their 37″ hips, whereas others actually want to make their 37 in hips bigger!

So, as you can see, everyone has their own idea of how “good” 37 inch hips really are. But from a physical health standpoint, there’s really nothing wrong with having 37 inch hips.

And aesthetically, it depends on the relationship between your hips and your other body parts, namely your waist and bust.


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