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How tall is 4’2? At what age do people achieve this height?

How tall is 4’2? At what age do people achieve this height?

If you’re curious about how tall 4’2 is for people of different ages, then this human height guide is for you. In addition to answering your 4’2 height questions, we’ll also be talking about the ideal weight for a 4’2 female and a 4’2 male.

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Is 4’2 short or tall?

A stadiometer displaying the height 4 feet 2 inches

Whether or not the height of 4’2 is short or tall depends on the age of the person. Let me illustrate this with a few examples.

Say that you have a six-year-old who’s 4 foot 2. In this case, they’d be around 3 inches taller than their peers on average and, therefore, would be taller than roughly 90% of six-year-olds.

On the other hand, a nine-year-old who’s 4ft 2in would be shorter than around 85-90% of their peers. This just shows that the age of a child is really important when determining if they’re short, tall, or average.

The height of 4 foot 2 is normal for a seven-year-old boy, although, as we saw above, some children are much taller or shorter than average, depending on the height of their parents.

At the age of seven, girls are actually a bit shorter than boys, and yet, by the age of eight, most girls will actually have surpassed the height of 4 feet 2 inches.

Then we have the adults. It’s certainly rare to see a 4’2 woman or a 4’2 man, but there are adults who are 4 foot 2 due to genetic disorders that cause them to be of a short stature.

What is the average weight for a 4’2 person?

A woman standing on some weighing scales

The average weight for a 4’2 female and a 4’2 male is between 60 lbs and 65 lbs. Of course, a 4’2 person can weigh less or more than this and still be healthy.

As with anyone, the health of a 4’2 person isn’t measured by the number on the scale. Diet, exercise, and sleep are more important than achieving a specific weight that a BMI calculator spat out.

Some 4’2 tall adults will naturally wonder how much they should weigh. And while I’m pretty confident that a 4 foot 2 woman and a 4 foot 2 man should weigh quite a bit more than a 4’2 child, your best bet is to talk to an achondroplasia specialist to get specific guidance for your personal situation. 

Why are some people 4 foot 2?

A short woman with her dog

Most people are 4 foot 2 due to being a certain age, typically somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9, to give a broad range.

On the other hand, some adults are 4 foot 2 because they’re dwarfs, meaning that they simply have short stature.

A lot of us don’t know that much about little people, but I can tell you from my research that there are many examples of little people leading perfectly normal lives.

Of course, some 4’2 people, depending on where they grew up and where they live, may have had a tough time because of their height. 

But as more people become aware that little people are literally just people who are short, I think that 4’2 men and women will have an easier time going about their business.

In conclusion

In summary, the vast majority of people who are 4 foot 2 are growing children who will generally exceed their current height in the next few months and years.

We also went over the average weight of a 4’2 height girl and a 4’2 boy, which is useful for parents who want to monitor their child’s development.

Additionally, we shed light on the fact that there are also 4’2 adults. Hopefully, this helps people to understand that, despite our height differences, we think and feel the same.