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How short is a 4’8 person?

How short is a 4’8 person?

A 4’8 person is obviously very short when you consider the average height for girls and the normal height for men

Although that’s the case, this article will explain why some people are 4 foot 8 as well as how a 4’8 height compares to other heights.

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Is 4’8 short for a woman?

A woman getting measured with a stadiometer

Is 4’8 short for a woman? Yes, 4’8 is exceptionally short for a woman because 4 foot 8 is eight inches shorter than average for a female.

A 4’8 woman would be considered a dwarf because she’s less than 145 cm, but only just.

Specifically, 4’8 women are 142.24 cm (or 56 inches) tall, meaning that they’re medically classified as suffering from dwarfism. 

Of course, if you do encounter a 4’8 person, then it’s probably best not to talk about their height. [1]

After all, it’s not like 4’8 people aren’t aware that they’re short. So to make them feel comfortable and included, you should just talk to them like you would other people.

What is the average weight for a 4’8 female?

A woman standing on some weighing scales

It’s not possible to find out the average weight for a 4’8 female if by that you mean an adult woman. The simple reason for this is that such data doesn’t exist, and BMI calculators can often be less effective for people on extremes of the height spectrum.

On the other hand, a 4’8 girl, who would be around ten years old, typically weighs approximately 90 lbs.

Of course, an adult who’s 4’8 would likely weigh a lot more than this, so if you’re a 4’8 woman or man, you shouldn’t feel like you need to weigh as much as a child!

To give some examples of an overweight body mass, 4’8 and 200 lbs would obviously be obese, considering that such a weight is excessive for people who are a foot taller.

Are there any men who are 4’8?

A very short man

Yes, there are 4’8 men out there, although men are typically quite a bit taller than women, meaning that 4’8 women are more common than 4’8 men.

A man might be 4 foot 8 if he has short parents or if his body didn’t produce enough growth hormone during puberty. If his arms and legs are in proportion with the rest of his body, then the 4 foot 8 man would be classed as having proportionate short stature (PSS). [2]

A man may also be 4 feet 8 inches tall due to other medical conditions, which may cause his arms and legs to be smaller than the rest of his body.

Is it normal for a girl to only be 4’8?

A girl trying to measure her height

Yes, depending on the age of the girl, a height of 4 feet 8 inches can be normal. Let me give you some examples.

Most ten year old girls (and boys) are right around 4ft 8in.

However, let’s say that a 4’8 girl is 12 years old. In this case, she’d be shorter than around 95% of her peers, and she might be suffering from restricted growth of some kind.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, an 8 year old girl who’s 4’8 would be taller than over 95% of other girls her age.

So, it just goes to show that a given height can be both short and tall, depending on the age of the people.

Conclusion: Do 4’8 people have it tough?

Some 4’8 people may have it tough if their height affects their ability to find employment and fulfilling relationships. Luckily, there are communities of little people, so a 4’8 man or a 4’8 woman is never alone.

Additionally, many Little People are much shorter than 4 foot 8. So a man or woman who’s 4 feet 8 inches tall really isn’t that short when you look at the smaller segment of the population.


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