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4’3 height and age guide: Is 4’3 short?

4’3 height and age guide: Is 4’3 short?

If you want to know at what age boys and girls are most commonly 4’3, then this guide is for you. We’ll also be discussing how much a 4’3 person should weigh to be healthy.

Additionally, I’ll be talking about what life is like for a 4’3 man and a 4’3 woman since there are adults who have short stature.

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At what age are people usually 4’3?

A doctor measuring a girl's height

The most common age for a girl to be 4’3 is eight years old, while most boys reach the height of 4’3 between the ages of 7 and 8.

At this stage in their physical development, boys are usually a bit taller than girls, but not by much. In fact, at around age nine, girls actually start to become a bit taller than boys on average—until puberty, that is.

Of course, some people never exceed the height of 4 foot 3 due to having dwarfism, which is the main cause of short stature in adults.

Statistically, an adult who is 4 feet 3 inches tall is still around 3 inches taller than the average dwarf.

What does a 4’3 height person look like?

A girl getting her height measured

The height of 4 foot 3 looks very normal for a child because, logically, anyone who’s taller than 4’3 now had to have been 4’3 and shorter at some point during their physical development.

Now, if a really young child is 4ft 3in, for example, then they might actually look taller compared to their peers.

On the other hand, if, say, a ten-year-old is 4’3, then they’d naturally look much smaller than their classmates.

As mentioned, there are also 4’3 feet tall adults, who are roughly the same height as 7-8 year old children. Many adults of this height actually lead really fulfilling lives because they’re exactly like the rest of us, except they have short stature.

As I learned during my research, while being a little person does come with its challenges, it doesn’t prevent you from making the most of your life.

What is an appropriate weight for a 4 foot 3 inch person?

A woman stood on some weighing scales

The average weight for a 4’3 height girl and a 4’3 boy is approximately 69 lbs. That’s right; boys and girls have a virtually identical body mass at this age.

In case you’re wondering, this data is based on the body weights of eight-year-olds, who are the closest age group to being 4 foot 3 (boys are actually a bit taller than 4ft 3in at this age, whereas girls are almost 4’3 exactly).

It’s worth noting that a 4’3 adult will naturally weigh more than a 4’3 child. As for how much a 4’3 man and a 4’3 woman should weigh, I recommend discussing this with an achondroplasia specialist.

Is being 4’3 feet tall a good thing?

A happy little man at the beach

Yes, being 4 foot 3 is definitely a good thing because, as long as you’re happy and healthy, there’s nothing wrong with being of a particular stature, whether it’s short or tall.

Of course, it’s more common for children to be 4’3 than adults. And if you have an older child who’s 4’3 and much shorter than their peers, then you could take them to a pediatrician to check if they’re suffering from restricted growth.

As I mentioned throughout this article, there are also 4’3 women and 4’3 men. While it’s statistically rare for an adult to be 4 feet 3 inches tall, a number of adults in the US and elsewhere have short stature due to a genetic disorder. 

In this case, a 4’3 person should not feel bad because of their height. Although there will be some physical challenges that 4’3 people will face, such a height is no barrier to a successful life because you’re not defined by your height.


Now you know what the height of 4 foot 3 looks like at different ages. You also know that 4’3 boys and girls weigh roughly the same, which is the norm before puberty. 

Additionally, we discussed why some adults never exceed a height of 4 feet 3 inches and then made the point that there are many 4’3 men and women leading wonderful lives.