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How wide are 43 inch shoulders? (for men and women)

How wide are 43 inch shoulders? (for men and women)

If you want to know how broad your 43 inch shoulders are for your height and gender, then you’re in the right place. Drawing on published anthropometric data and our measurement research, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of having 43″ shoulders.

To get an accurate measurement, you can also find out how to measure your shoulders. Or, to see how your shoulders stack up, you can check out our other size guides below.

How wide are 43 inch shoulders?

A man with 43 in shoulders

How wide are 43 inch shoulders? For women, 43 inch shoulders are broader than average, but for men, 43″ shoulders are quite narrow. So it mainly depends on your gender.

Your height also affects how your 43 in shoulders will look. So, using the example of a female, a tall woman with 43 in shoulders will likely have a very proportional physique.

On the other hand, if a short lady has 43″ shoulders, then she’ll naturally look broader than the tall woman because the short lady’s shoulders (clavicles) are long in relation to her other bones.

This example just goes to show that two people can have the exact same shoulder circumference and yet look quite different. Yet another reason why you shouldn’t get too hung up on specific measurements.

Should you be okay with having 43 inch shoulders?

A female with 43 inch shoulders

Although many people wish that their shoulders were broader (usually men) and narrower (typically women), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having 43 inch shoulders.

We’re all built differently, and it’s not like you can change your bone structure once you’ve stopped growing, so your best bet is to just embrace your build and live your life.

You can always change your body composition and the way that you dress in order to make your shoulders look broader or narrower. More on that in a minute.

Also, there are likely a good number of growing teenagers and young adults who have 43″ shoulders. The clavicle bones can continue to grow up until around age 25, so don’t feel too bad if your shoulders aren’t as wide as you’d like them to be. Sometimes a bit of patience is all that you need.

Is it possible to build or shrink your 43″ shoulders?

A woman showing her 43 inch shoulders

It depends on your body composition. If you don’t have much muscle mass or fat on your upper body, then you’re going to be hard-pressed to lose any size from your shoulders.

On the other hand, you can definitely make your shoulders wider by adding muscle to your deltoids and upper back, a task that will be made easier if you also eat in a small to moderate calorie surplus.

Since physically shrinking your 43 inch shoulders is very hard and perhaps impossible, a better option is to simply wear looser clothes (and fewer layers) that have less padding so that you don’t look as broad.

In conclusion: Is it common for people to have 43 inch shoulders?

A male with 43 inch shoulders

Yes, it’s common for people to have 43 inch shoulders—you definitely have a lot of company if your shoulders measure 43 inches.

Of course, many men, for example, wish that their shoulders were wider than 43 inches. But the good news is that you can really boost your measurement by training your deltoids and back muscles and then fueling that new muscle growth by eating more protein and calories.

Similarly, you can make your 43″ shoulders look less broad by minimizing your upper body training, consuming fewer calories, and wearing looser clothing.