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47 inch shoulders: Broad or not?

47 inch shoulders: Broad or not?

If you’re curious about how broad your 47 inch shoulders are, then this article is for you. I’ll discuss how the rest of your body affects the perceived width of your shoulders and how you can actually grow your 47″ shoulders even more.

You can also learn how to measure your shoulder circumference accurately so that you can track your fitness progress.

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Are 47 inch shoulders broad for a man?

A man who has broad 47 inch shoulders

Are 47 inch shoulders broad for a man or not? Yes, 47 inch shoulders are quite broad for a man because they’re around an inch wider than the typical measurement. Obviously, the size of your waist is the main determinant of how broad your 47″ shoulders actually look.

If you have a really thick waist, then your 47 in shoulders might actually look narrow. But if you have a slim waist and muscular 47 inch shoulders, then you can look very broad indeed.

After all, aesthetics aren’t measured by the number on a tape measure; they’re assessed by how your body looks—especially the relationship between body parts.

To give another example, it might actually be better to have skinny 47 inch shoulders than muscular 47 inch shoulders because, in the first instance, more of your shoulder size is due to bone length, which indicates that you have greater muscular potential.

Who typically has 47 inch shoulders?

A male with 47 inch shoulders

There are many adult males who have 47 inch shoulders. Common examples include people who lift weights and men who have a decently wide build.

Additionally, it’s possible that a teenager could have 47″ shoulders at some point during their physical development.

Alternatively, many men have to wait until adulthood to get 47 in shoulders.

Others still have to actually add considerable muscle mass to their narrow frame in order to get 47 inch shoulders.

So, as you can see, there’s no one typical path to getting broad shoulders; your age, bone structure, and levels of muscle mass all affect how wide your shoulders are.

How can you widen your 47 inch shoulders?

A man performing a lateral raise

The best way to widen your 47 inch shoulders is to simply increase the amount of soft tissue (muscle and fat) around your upper back and deltoids.

So doing exercises like rows, pulldowns, lateral raises, reverse flys, and shoulder presses will help you to fill out your frame and build a better v-taper.

But if you’re really lean and want to get broader, then it might be worth doing a slow bulk so that you can increase your body mass and thereby your circumference measurement.

In addition to stretching the tape measure further, gaining a small amount of fat will actually help you to look bigger because your muscles will look fuller and less stringy.

Conclusion: Is it good to have 47″ shoulders?

A man with a 47 inch shoulder circumference

It’s definitely good to have 47 inch shoulders because, even though it’s a relatively normal measurement for a man, your shoulders can still look very broad at 47 inches if your waist is slim.

Some people with narrow frames have 47″ shoulders due to having filled out their frame, whereas others naturally have 47″ shoulders without training due to their bone structure.

So, in simple terms, there’s more than one way to have broad shoulders. But, in general, it’s usually a combination of clavicle length and muscle mass that causes someone to have 47 in shoulders.