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51 inch shoulders: How broad are they?

51 inch shoulders: How broad are they?

If you have 51 inch shoulders, then you have a very large shoulder measurement indeed. But what do 51″ shoulders look like exactly? And how common is it for a weight lifter to have 51 in shoulders?

I’ll be answering both of these questions and more in this extensive guide to having 51 inch shoulders.

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How broad are 51 inch shoulders?

A muscular male showing his 51 inch shoulders

How broad are 51 inch shoulders for a man? Even for a man who lifts weights regularly, 51 inch shoulders are very broad. Indeed, 51″ shoulders are approximately 5 inches wider than average for a man.

It suffices to say that if you have 51 in shoulders, then you definitely have a big frame and/or plenty of upper body muscle mass. But just how common are 51″ shoulders?

Despite what you may sometimes read online, the majority of people—even most gym-goers—definitely don’t have 51 inch shoulders.

Sometimes reading internet forums, for example, causes you to think that a given shoulder measurement is smaller than it actually is because people only tend to post their stats when they’re above average.

Is building 51 inch shoulders realistic for most people?

A muscular man doing a shoulder press

Unless you have a lot of muscle on your frame, you likely don’t have 51 inch shoulders. This isn’t to say that you can’t look wide with shoulders that measure less than 51 inches; rather, it’s to emphasize just how broad 51″ shoulders really are.

Obviously, some people naturally have long clavicles, in which case building 51″ shoulders is much more realistic for them. After all, the wider your clavicles are, the more space you have to “hang” deltoid and upper back muscle mass.

But unless your large frame is filled out, it’s still unlikely that you’d have 51 inch shoulders without training (untrained 51″ shoulders would be an indication of amazing shoulder width genetics).

Of course, it’s theoretically possible to have narrow clavicles and still build 51 inch shoulders. But in this case, you’d need the physique of a high-level bodybuilder, which obviously isn’t attainable for most people.

What do 51 inch shoulders look like?

A muscular man showing what his 51 inch shoulders look like

In almost every case, 51 inch shoulders will look broad and imposing because they really are a lot wider than usual.

The one exception to this is if you have a really thick waist. After all, if you’re carrying a lot of excess body fat, then it’s highly likely that a decent chunk of your 51 inch shoulder measurement is actually due to body fat rather than bone length or muscle mass.

But presuming that you’re relatively lean (you definitely don’t need to be shredded), 51 in shoulders will always look much wider than average and will most likely result in a very impressive v-taper.

In conclusion

A bodybuilder flexing his 51 inch shoulders

Anyone with 51 inch shoulders has a wide physique in the sense that they have a big frame or a lot of deltoid size and upper back muscle mass. In most cases, you need both the frame size and the muscle mass if you want to get 51″ shoulders naturally.

This isn’t to say that you need a massive frame. However, it is to say that you need a frame that’s big enough to accommodate the muscle tissue that’s necessary to build 51 in shoulders.