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Who has 55 inch shoulders, 56 inch shoulders, or 57 inch shoulders?

Who has 55 inch shoulders, 56 inch shoulders, or 57 inch shoulders?

This guide will discuss whether or not it’s possible to build 55 inch shoulders, 56 inch shoulders, and 57 inch shoulders as a natural lifter.

I’ll also discuss the importance of frame size when it comes to achieving mega-wide shoulder measurements such as those specified above.

To see how broad you are, you can learn how to measure your shoulders for bodybuilding. Or, to see how your shoulders stack up, you can check out our other measurement guides below.

How broad are 55 inch shoulders?

A bodybuilder showing his big 55 inch shoulders

So, just how broad are 55 inch shoulders? Based on the data, 55 inch shoulders are extremely wide for an adult man of any description, occupation, or body type. If you genuinely have 55″ shoulders, then you’re very wide indeed.

But is it possible for the average person to sculpt 55 inch shoulders?

Honestly? Probably not. Most individuals simply don’t have the frame size that’s required to have 55 in shoulders. Even if you just want the mere potential to have 55″ shoulders, you still need really long clavicles, which likely means that you need to be very tall.

And even then, it’s highly unlikely that somebody would have 55 inch shoulders purely because of clavicle length. Indeed, to get such a massive shoulder measurement, you almost certainly need a very filled-out frame as well, which means spending years in the gym.

That said, with the right genetics and slabs of mass on your physique, there’s certainly a chance that you could sculpt natural 55″ shoulders.

How wide are 56 inch shoulders?

A muscular man showing his 56 inch shoulders

I’ve studied a lot of anthropometric data in my time. And I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that 56 inch shoulders are extremely wide because the average measurement is around 10 inches less than 56 inches!

Still, given a very large frame with long clavicles, I think that it’s possible for a few gifted individuals to build 56″ shoulders naturally and without getting fat.

But honestly, you could probably go years without seeing a non-obese person with 56 inch shoulders—that’s how unbelievably wide they are.

I certainly don’t have the ability to build 56 in shoulders, but you might. The only way to find out is to get in the gym and start lifting and then fuel your workouts with a high-protein, calorie surplus diet.

Is it possible to get 57 inch shoulders?

A bodybuilder flexing his 57 inch shoulders

Now we’re getting into the almost unbelievable category of shoulder circumference. Is it possible to get 57 inch shoulders?

Again, for most people, the answer is absolutely not.

And I don’t say that to crush your enthusiasm. Rather, I say it so that you can set realistic ambitions based on your genetics.

Are you 6′8″ with extremely wide clavicles?

If so, then you might be able to fill out your massive frame and get 57 inch shoulders. But for the rest of us, we’re not getting shoulders that wide without accumulating superphysiological levels of muscle mass, which would basically mean becoming a professional bodybuilder.

In conclusion

A bodybuilder doing a shoulder press

Sometimes it seems like everyone has really wide shoulders and that, despite your hard and persistent work, your physique is still on the small side. But the truth is that few people in the general population have broad shoulders and a slim waist.

Also, remember that anyone with 55 inch shoulders, 56 inch shoulders, or 57 inch shoulders is very genetically gifted. So it’s not like having shoulders that wide is in any way normal or expected of the average lifter.

Indeed, you can have shoulders that are 10 inches smaller than these measurements and still look broad if you have a good v-taper.