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Are 41 inch shoulders wide?

Are 41 inch shoulders wide?

This article will discuss whether or not 41 inch shoulders are broad and what that means for your body. And just so you know, when I talk about 41″ shoulders, I’m referring to the circumference of your shoulders and not the width.

On the other hand, you can learn how to measure your shoulder width if you want to see how wide you are.

Or you can compare more shoulder measurements via the articles linked below (or keep reading for an analysis of having 41 in shoulders).

How broad are 41 inch shoulders?

A female showing her 41 inch shoulders

How broad are 41 inch shoulders? It depends on your gender. For example, 41 inch shoulders are very narrow for a man, but they’re normal for a woman and perhaps slightly broader than usual.

So, in a sense, there are two sides to having 41″ shoulders. On the one hand, many men with 41 inch shoulders wish that they were wider.

And on the other hand, some women with 41 in shoulders think that they’re too broad.

But as you’re about to learn, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having 41 inch shoulders from an aesthetic standpoint.

Also, it’s doubtful that other people will recognize your shoulders as really broad or really narrow unless they genuinely are super wide or super narrow (which they aren’t at 41 inches)

Is it okay to have 41 inch shoulders?

An attractive woman with 41 inch shoulders

It’s perfectly okay to have 41 in shoulders because we’re all built differently. Some women, for example, have longer clavicles and wider backs than others, which causes their shoulder measurement to increase.

Conversely, some men just so happen to have a smaller bone structure than the average male, and that’s fine too.

The only time that a certain shoulder size is bad is when it’s indicative of a health problem (such as you being underweight or overweight). But at 41 inches, this almost certainly isn’t the case for anyone.

And anyway, when it comes to the shoulders as a body part, most of your size is due to your clavicle length (although less so when we’re talking about circumference). It’s not like you can change your bone structure, so you should just try to be happy with the way that you’re built.

How can you change your 41″ shoulders?

A woman running on the treadmill

If you’re carrying a lot of fat around your shoulders and upper back, then you can reduce your measurement by losing weight. To do this, you’d simply need to expend more energy than you consume, which means eating in a moderate calorie deficit.

Additionally, you’d probably want to avoid exercises that train your deltoids and upper back muscles if you really want to slim your 41″ shoulders (men, do these exercises regularly if you actually want to broaden your shoulders).

Just be wary of losing too much weight in a bid to slim your 41 in shoulders. The last thing you want to do is harm your health in pursuit of what you may think are more feminine shoulders.

Remember that 41 inch shoulders aren’t that wide. And besides, losing too much fat from around your shoulders can actually make them stand out more because the bones will become more prominent.

In conclusion

A male who has 41 inch shoulders

There are plenty of people who have 41 inch shoulders (indeed, most people with 41″ shoulders probably don’t even know their shoulder measurement!).

Therefore, if you’re insecure about how your 41 in shoulders look, you should take comfort in the fact that you’re definitely not alone. In other words, if you’re a woman, your body is completely normal.

Of course, it’s also true to say that 41 inch shoulders are quite narrow for a man. But you can always make yourself broader by training your back and deltoids. And anyway, if you’re still growing, then there’s a very good chance that you’ll get wider naturally.