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Is it unhealthy to have 52 inch hips?

Is it unhealthy to have 52 inch hips?

What is the average hip size for a woman? Much less than 52 inches!

Indeed, the average booty size for men and women is around 12-13 inches less than 52 inches. So if you have 52 inch hips, then that’s a sign that you’re obese and are potentially putting your physical health in jeopardy.

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Are ​​52 inch hips too big?

A woman measuring her 52 inch hips

While many people with very large hips are perfectly happy with their bodies, you simply can’t have 52 inch hips and continue to enjoy good health.

Although some good studies suggest that large hips can actually protect women against various diseases, [1] it’s not a case of the bigger, the better. Moreover, the cut-off point for your hips being too large is definitely below 52 inches.

So while you can definitely live in good health with large hips, you can’t enjoy your best health with huge hips.

But don’t worry. It’s unlikely that your 52 in hips are big to the point where they become a barrier to weight loss. So, later on, I’ll be giving you some simple yet supremely effective advice for slimming your 52″ hips and improving your curves.

What causes people to have a 52 inch butt?

A woman looking at her 52 inch booty in the mirror

The main cause of 52 inch hips is excess gluteofemoral fat. While many people tend to store a lot of fat around their hips due to their genetics, it’s unlikely that genetics alone explain why someone would have a 52 inch butt.

Overeating and a lack of physical activity are the two primary causes of excess gluteofemoral fat (which you can reduce by flipping these two causes on their heads—calorie restriction and regular exercise).

Over time, weight gain manifests itself as visceral fat, which is the dangerous internal abdominal fat that wraps around your organs. Research shows that visceral fat is one of the strongest predictors of cardiometabolic risk factors in obese men and women. [2]

So if your weight gain has resulted in a large stomach as well as large hips, then you should definitely seek to reduce your body mass.

Of course, some people also have wide hip bones and muscular glutes, which can certainly make your butt bigger. However, muscle and bone are highly unlikely to account for the majority of your 52 inch hips, which means that losing body fat becomes the name of the game.

More on that in a sec.

What size are 52 inch hips?

A chart showing what size 52 inch hips are in women's clothing

It depends on the specific item of clothing that you’re looking at and also on the brand. Still, in many cases, 52 inch hips work out a women’s size 3XL, which is equal to a US size 22-24.

How can you reduce the size of your 52″ hips?

A woman with a 52 inch butt working out

Reducing the size of your 52 inch butt is a lot more simple than you might think—and it doesn’t mean sacrificing your curves for a slim body.

Successful weight loss comes down to putting your body in an energy deficit. That’s it.

To do this, you usually need to consume fewer calories, but you can also trigger fat loss by increasing your activity level. Oftentimes, combining a calorie deficit with increased physical activity is the best strategy to slim your 52 inch hips.

The reason for this is that when you work out as well, you don’t need to decrease your calories as much, which reduces your chance of overindulging.

On the training side of things, it’s a good idea to actually train your glutes so that you can build muscle around your hips and maintain your curves while you lose weight.

Strengthening your glutes with weights will help to improve your posture and will also help you to achieve an hourglass figure.

In conclusion: Successfully slimming your 52 in hips

A woman showing that she has a 52 inch butt

Now that you know how to slim your 52 inch hips, it’s only a matter of time before you start to come down to a healthy body weight and unveil your new figure.

As mentioned, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having large hips; it’s just that when you have 52″ hips, that usually means that you also have unhealthy amounts of fat around critical areas of your body, such as around your stomach.


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