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Are 56 inch hips too big?

Are 56 inch hips too big?

One thing’s an absolute certainty; 56 inch hips are way larger than the average male hip circumference—even for people who are overweight.

So if you want to know precisely why having 56″ hips is bad for health—and what you can do about it—then this guide is for you.

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Why are 56 inch hips too big?

An overweight man who clearly has a 56 inch hip size

There’s one main reason why 56 inch hips are too big: Extremely large hips are almost always accompanied by dangerous levels of visceral fat.

Unlike subcutaneous fat, which you can grab with your own hands, visceral fat wraps around your internal organs—stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver—and can lead to chronic disease.

So, while you shouldn’t feel ashamed to have a 56 inch butt—there are other people like you—you also need to know that you can’t live in good health while walking around with 56 in hips.

Additionally, 56 inch hips are big to the point where certain types of exercise might become too challenging, which obviously makes burning fat harder. Still, you can definitely lose a substantial amount of weight by simply walking more and eating less. More on that in a minute.

How do you end up with 56 inch hips?

An obese man getting food from the fridge

While many people who have 56 inch hips lead an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s not just overeating and lack of exercise that leads to weight gain.

Your genetics determine where your fat is stored, meaning that some people tend to accumulate a lot of stubborn fat around their hips.

When you add this genetic predisposition to an unhealthy lifestyle, you can easily see why someone would end up with 56″ hips.

The good news is that by reversing your unhealthy lifestyle, you can slim your 56 in hips and enjoy better health. To do this, you need to eat in a moderate calorie deficit and perform regular exercise.

Lifting weights is a good idea because it will make the muscles that you train stronger and leaner while also torching plenty of calories in the process.

Of course, you can also do direct cardiovascular exercise to increase your fitness levels and really supercharge the fat-burning process. In this regard, I recommend starting with walking and then, as you lose weight, include more high-intensity forms of exercise in your workout routine.

What size are 56 inch hips?

An obese woman demonstrating that she has a 56 inch butt

Precise sizing always depends on the brand of clothing. Still, based on my sizing research, 56 inch hips work out at a women’s size 4XL, which is equal to a US size 26-28.

The verdict on having 56″ hips

An overweight man with 56 inch hips sat on his bed

While having 56 inch hips is undeniably bad for your physical health, there are still a number of people who have even bigger hips than you do, so you definitely shouldn’t be too harsh on yourself.

Besides, it can be really frustrating when you’re trying to lose stubborn body fat.

But with consistency, you can certainly reduce your 56 inch hip size, get in better shape, and improve your physical fitness.