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Is having 54 inch hips bad for you?

Is having 54 inch hips bad for you?

As you might have guessed, the average female hip size is much less than 54 inches—the same is true for men. So, with that fact in mind, can you really enjoy good health while walking around with 54 inch hips?

Honestly? No, you can’t. It’s not that large hips are bad. It’s just that past a certain point, really big hips are usually accompanied by excess belly fat and, in turn, visceral fat, which is the dangerous abdominal fat that wraps around your internal organs.

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Is it bad to have 54 inch hips?

Close up of a man's big 54 inch hips

As mentioned, having large hips in and of itself isn’t really the issue. Indeed, some studies actually show a protective benefit—especially for women—to having big hips.

Yet, in order to have 54 inch hips, you almost certainly need to be obese, which pretty much means having a lot of belly fat as well. The problem with subcutaneous belly fat is that, in excess, it’s accompanied by visceral fat, which accumulates around your internal organs and often leads to chronic disease.

Having gluteofemoral, which is to say fat around your hips and thighs, isn’t as bad because it’s not like there are any vital organs around that area.

So, while you shouldn’t necessarily feel bad about the way you look, you should also understand that you’ll greatly improve your health by slimming your 54″ hips because, when you shrink your hips, your entire body gets slimmer, leaner, and lighter.

What makes people have 54 inch hips?

An overweight man with 54 in hips sat on the sofa

It’s easy to say that people with a 54 inch butt simply eat too much and move too little—and these bad habits certainly are part of the problem.

However, it’s not just an unhealthy lifestyle that causes some people to have 54 in hips.

Many people have a tendency to store a lot of their body fat around their hips. In other words, the fat that they do gain goes straight to their hips and is often the last fat to drop off when they lose weight. We’ll call this stubborn fat.

So, when you combine an unhealthy lifestyle with this kind of fat storage distribution, you can see why some people have such a hard time slimming their 54 inch hips.

The verdict: How can you reduce your 54″ hips?

A woman measuring her 54 inch butt

To reduce the size of your 54 inch hips, you need to put your body in an energy deficit, which usually means eating fewer calories than you currently consume (energy restriction). But, you can also create an energy deficit by burning more calories via exercise (energy expenditure), which can be as simple as walking.

As long as you follow this basic guideline—expend more calories than you consume—you’ll successfully slim your 54″ hips.

But if you want to firm up your glutes in the process, then you can also train your lower body with weights. Exercises like hips thrusts and split squats are particularly good in this regard because they add lean mass to your hips and thighs, which will make your legs and hips look leaner.