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Are 6 inch ankles and 6.5 inch ankles too small?

Are 6 inch ankles and 6.5 inch ankles too small?

Knowing that the average ankle size for a woman is around 2 to 2.5 inches bigger than our 6 inch example, can anyone possibly say that having 6 inch ankles is a good thing?

As you’ll soon find out, the answer to that question is not a simple yes or know. Your age, build, and body fat level all affect how small your 6 inch ankles or 6.5 inch ankles really are.

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Are 6 inch ankles too small? 

A woman who has small 6 inch ankles

Are 6 inch ankles small or not? Yes, 6 inch ankles are very small for adult men and women and are a sure sign that you have a small frame.

To be specific, a 6 inch ankle circumference is approximately 3 inches smaller than normal for a man and around 2 inches smaller than usual for a woman.

Now, if you or your child is still growing, then it might be perfectly normal for you/them to have 6 inch ankles. After all, if you think about it, everyone has 6″ ankles at some stage in their physical development.

So since having a small frame isn’t a bad thing—we’re all built differently—you shouldn’t worry too much about having 6 inch ankles unless they really are a sign of some kind of health problem, such as you being underweight.

How small are 6.5 inch ankles?

A woman who has 6 inch ankles

According to all of the best anthropometric data, 6.5 inch ankles are absolutely tiny because, statistically, most adults simply don’t have 6.5 inch ankles.

What this means for you mainly depends on your BMI. If your 6.5″ ankles are an indicator that you’re underweight, then that’s obviously not a good thing.

On the other hand, if you have 6.5 inch ankles due to your small bone structure, then there’s not an awful lot you can do about that.

Is it possible to make your 6 inch ankles bigger?

Close up of a woman's 6 inch ankles

Yes, it’s technically possible to make your 6 inch ankles bigger—and perhaps significantly so.

Now, as for whether or not making your 6″ ankles bigger is actually desirable is another question entirely.

This is because, unless you’re still growing, then there’s not a lot that you can do to make your 6 inch ankles thicker except gain body fat.

Many people do tend to store a lot of fat around their ankles, especially when they put on significant amounts of fat. However, if gaining weight causes you to become unhealthy, then you shouldn’t try to make your ankles any larger.

After all, gaining ankle fat won’t actually make your bones any bigger.

The verdict on having 6.5 inch ankles

A female who has 6 in ankles

As I mentioned earlier, we’re all built differently. And while you might wish that your 6 inch ankles or 6.5 inch ankles were larger, there are plenty of people who wish that their ankles were slimmer.