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Discover the average anklet size and length with this handy chart

Discover the average anklet size and length with this handy chart

If you want to find out the average anklet size (the average anklet length), then this article is for you. For more information about the ankles, you can also check out this guide, which tells you the average ankle size for a woman.

In addition to showing you our clear and simple anklet size chart, you’ll also learn how to measure your anklet size so that you can buy an anklet that offers the best fit—not too loose and not too tight.

Common Ankle Sizes:

What is the average anklet size?

A woman showing that her ankle bracelet is of an average length

What is the average anklet size? Based on our research into the ankle bracelet market, the average anklet length is around 9 inches or 23 cm.

An anklet of this size will fit most people comfortably, but some individuals may need to size up or down depending on their bone structure.

The fact that many anklets are adjustable these days is obviously very helpful because it gives you peace of mind when you buy a new ankle bracelet—the last thing you want to do is spend money on a product that doesn’t fit.

What size anklet should I get?

A woman showing the average length of an anklet

So, what size anklet should you get? It depends on how big your ankle is. Many anklet manufacturers recommend that you buy an anklet that’s 0.5 to 1 inch bigger than the size of your ankle.

So if your ankle is around 8.5 inches in circumference, then you’d want to buy an ankle bracelet that’s roughly 9 inches in length, which, as noted, is the average length of an anklet.

Of course, if you want a tighter fit for whatever reason, then you can always size down. 

You certainly don’t want an anklet that’s way too tight. However, slightly too tight is better than the bracelet falling off your ankle!

Anklet size chart

A standard anklet size chart showing the average women's anklet size

To be extra clear, this anklet size chart is based on the length of the actual anklet and not the size of your ankle.

You’ll find other charts that are slightly different, and that’s fine; you’re looking for guidance, not absolute precision.

This is a fairly standard anklet size chart and should help you to select an ankle bracelet that offers a comfortable fit for your bone structure.

You may also find this ankle bracelet size chart useful if you’re planning to sell your own anklets and are trying to come up with some standard anklet sizes.

How to measure anklet size

A man showing how to measure your anklet size

Learning how to measure your anklet size is crucial for selecting an ankle bracelet that fits you well. Thankfully, the procedure is very straightforward.

All you need is a flexible tape measure and a spare 30 seconds.

Some people recommend measuring around your ankle bone, whereas others advise you to measure just above your ankle, at the rough location where you’ll be wearing your anklet.

Measuring around the bone will likely yield a larger measurement, but you might want to try both ways so that you can really gauge how big your general ankle area is.

  1. Stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart.
  2. Wrap a tape measure around your ankle while keeping the tape close to your flesh.
  3. Look at where the ends of the tape overlap; that’s your anklet measurement.
  4. Note down the number and take another 1-2 measurements for verification purposes.

What if my anklet is too big?

A woman showing that she has an average ankle bracelet size

If you buy an anklet that’s too big, then you can always send it back and get another one if the item is still in good condition and if you bought it from a reputable supplier.

But before you send back your overly large anklet, check that it’s not adjustable.

Of course, if you’ve already adjusted your anklet to well below the average ankle bracelet size and it’s still too big, then you’re going to need to buy another anklet.

Now, if your anklet used to fit you but is now too big, then that could either be because you’ve lost weight or because the material has become stretched somehow.

Conclusion and anklet sizing advice

A woman wearing an ankle bracelet that is around the average anklet length

Now that you know the average ankle bracelet size, which is to say the average anklet length, you’re ready to level up your style by getting yourself a new ankle bracelet.

Just remember to look at the anklet sizing charts that you see for particular products with extra care; some charts are based on the size of your ankles, whereas others are based on the length of the anklet itself.

You’ll want to add half an inch to an inch onto the physical circumference of your ankle so that the bracelet isn’t too tight.


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