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Are 7 inch ankles small?

Are 7 inch ankles small?

If you want to know whether or not 7 inch ankles are small for men and women, then this is the guide for you. Drawing on countless anthropometric studies, we set out to discuss just how big or small a variety of different ankle measurements really are.

Let’s see what the data has to say.

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Are 7 inch ankles small?

A woman who has small 7 inch ankles

Are 7 inch ankles small or not? Based on the best available anthropometric data, 7 inch ankles are very small indeed. This is true for both men and women.

In fact, if you have 7″ ankles, then you’re in the 1st percentile of ankle size.

So, while the vast majority of people have ankles that are much bigger than 7 inches, it’s still possible for some individuals (mainly women) with small builds to have 7 in ankles.

And as you’re about to learn, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having 7 inch ankles. 

Indeed, everyone has 7″ ankles at some point during their physical development.

Is it bad to have 7 inch ankles?

A woman with a 7 inch ankle

No, it’s definitely not bad to have 7 inch ankles. In fact, a given ankle size is only ever a bad thing if it’s indicative of some kind of health problem.

Technically, your 7″ ankles could be a sign that you’re underweight. But since the vast majority of your ankle girth consists of bone mass, the size of your ankles doesn’t necessarily reflect your body fat level.

Still, a lot of people who have ankles that are significantly larger than 7 inches have them due to excess body fat rather than a large bone structure.

On the flip side of this, pretty much anyone (any adult, at least) who has 7 inch ankles will naturally have a slim build and a small frame as well.

Of course, some people might feel self-conscious about only having 7″ ankles. But, as you’re about to learn, having small joints can often be a good thing.

How can you make your 7″ ankles bigger?

A woman with 7 in ankles

While you can’t make your ankle bones bigger once you’ve stopped growing, you can make your ankle area larger by putting on body fat.

Some people also report that gaining muscle mass, especially on their calves, also makes their ankles thicker. But this is just anecdotal. 

Now, most of the time, gaining extra body fat is undesirable unless you’re underweight. 

That said, since women naturally store more body fat than men, you might be able to retain optimal health while increasing your body mass if you’re a woman with 7 inch ankles.

One good thing about having 7 inch ankles, depending on your point of view, is that small ankles can actually accentuate your calves and make them look more toned. This could be especially beneficial considering that the calves are an area that many people struggle to develop.

Conclusion: Do many people have a 7 inch ankle circumference?

The 7 inch ankles of a woman

Statistically, no, most people don’t have a 7 inch ankle circumference. But, as I explained above, this doesn’t necessarily mean that having 7 inch ankles is a bad thing.

Indeed, many individuals who have large ankles have them due to being overweight. So if you have a slim build, that could actually help you to maintain a healthy body weight.