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How broad are 22 inch shoulders?

How broad are 22 inch shoulders?

If you have 22 inch shoulders, then you’re well above the shoulder width average for both men and women. But just how wide and how common are 22″ shoulders?

After countless hours of anthropometric research and analysis, I think I have a pretty good answer to that question. So let’s get into the details.

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How broad are 22 inch shoulders?

A man showing his broad 22 inch shoulders

So, are 22 inch shoulders broad? Yes, 22 inch shoulders are definitely very broad because they’re 3-4 inches wider than average for an adult male. So if you have genuine 22 in shoulders, then you’re certainly much broader than most men.

For a woman, 22 inch wide shoulders are very broad and, quite frankly, extremely rare because they’re around 6-7 inches wider than average for an adult woman.

Having 22″ shoulders means that you’ll likely also have a wide back (at least in terms of bone structure) and a solid overall frame. So if you’re wanting to build a masculine physique, then having 22 in shoulders is definitely an advantage because longer bones give you a greater muscular potential.

What do 22 inch shoulders look like?

A man with 22 inch wide shoulders

What do 22 inch shoulders look like exactly? We’ve already established that 22 inch shoulders look very broad, but their exact appearance depends on how much muscle mass and body fat you have on your frame.

For example, if you’ve got muscular 22″ shoulders, then your physique will likely look wider than that of someone with fat 22″ shoulders. Of course, even with plenty of muscle on your frame, the majority of your shoulder width is due to your clavicle length.

On the other hand, it’s possible (but quite unlikely) to have 22 inch shoulders while having a skinny body. This is what I’d call a luxury problem because you’re skinny (most guys these days don’t want to be skinny), but you’re naturally really wide as well.

So if you’ve got 22 inch shoulders while being thin, then just imagine how unbelievably wide your shoulders would be once you added some muscle mass to your frame!

Can anyone get a 22 inch shoulder width?

A muscular man doing a shoulder press

Honestly? Not everyone has the genetics to sculpt 22 inch shoulders. For example, if you have naturally narrow clavicles, then you might never be able to get a 22 inch shoulder width.

But that’s okay. By creating a good v-taper and/or just generally bulking up your deltoids and back muscles, you can at least create the illusion that you have 22 inch wide shoulders. After all, it’s not like anyone’s going to walk up to you with a tape measure and measure your shoulders!

On the other hand, if you’re of a somewhat normal height and build, then you might be able to achieve a 22 inch shoulder width if you add a significant amount of mass to your frame.

In general, the taller you are, the easier this will be to do, seeing as taller people tend to have wider clavicles than shorter people.

The verdict on having 22 in shoulders

A man with a 22 inch shoulder width

If you’ve got 22 inch shoulders, then you can be happy that you’re broader than most people. While there are a few individuals who have shoulders that are even wider than 22 inches, these people are few and far between.

Indeed, unless you have a ton of mass on your physique or are really tall, it’s unlikely that you’ll exceed a 22 inch shoulder width by any significant amount.

Having 22″ shoulders means that you’ve probably also got a good v-taper (unless your waist is really thick), which can definitely result in a more aesthetic physique.