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10 inch shoulders: Everything you need to know

10 inch shoulders: Everything you need to know

Anyone with 10 inch shoulders has a tiny shoulder to shoulder measurement. But what does this mean for your body?

This varied article explains the ins and outs of having 10″ shoulders and then discusses whether it’s actually possible to put an additional 10 inches on your shoulder measurement. Let’s get into it.

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Are 10 inch shoulders small?

A woman with 10 inch shoulders

How small are 10 inch shoulders? 10 inch shoulders are extremely small. Indeed, pretty much no healthy adult has 10 inch wide shoulders because 10 in shoulders are, in fact, typical for 5-year-old and 6-year-old children.

Chances are if you think you have a 10 inch shoulder width, you’ve measured your shoulders incorrectly. Have someone measure your shoulders from the back with a tape if you want to get the most accurate results.

Alternatively, you can measure from acromion to acromion (biacromial breadth) to determine the width of your clavicles, which should be a bit more than 10 inches for an adult.

Indeed, in terms of bone structure, 10 inch shoulders are 4.5 inches smaller than average for a woman and around 6 inches smaller than usual for a man.

What do 10 inch shoulders look like?

A young girl with a 10 inch shoulder measurement

What do 10 inch shoulders look like on a person? 10 inch shoulders look perfectly normal and proportionate on a growing child. After all, everyone has to have 10 in shoulders at some point during their physical development.

But on an adult?

It’s impossible to say because I don’t know of any adult with verified 10″ shoulders. It just seems so unlikely that a healthy adult—even one who’s under 5 feet—would have 10 in shoulders.

Of course, there may be some people with genetic abnormalities who, for whatever reason, actually have 10 inch shoulders.

Who has 10″ shoulders?

A child with a 10 inch shoulder width

As mentioned, children between the ages of 5 and 6 are those most likely to have 10 inch shoulders. It’s also likely that some younger children might have 10″ shoulders if they’re growing at a faster rate or have a larger frame due to their genetics.

Additionally, some children grow slower than others and therefore may not have 10 in shoulders until they’re 7 years old, for example.

If you’re concerned that your child isn’t growing as they should be, then make sure to talk to a doctor so that they can check for abnormalities.

Is it possible to put 10 inches on your shoulders?

A woman doing a shoulder press at the gym

Let’s switch gears; Is it possible to increase your shoulders by a full 10 inches?

It depends on if you’re talking about width or circumference.

Once your clavicles are fully developed, there’s almost no way that you can increase your shoulder width by a full 10 inches.

On the other hand, if you add a significant amount of muscle to your frame, then it’s possible (but pretty unlikely) that you could increase your shoulder circumference by 10 inches.

This is especially true if you start training before your clavicles have fully grown, in which case your gains would be the result of bone development and muscle growth.

In conclusion

A model with 10 in shoulders

As I’ve established, barring any genetic abnormalities, it’s virtually impossible for an adult to only have 10 inch shoulders. If you’re an adult or a teenager and you believe that you have 10″ shoulders, then it’s very likely that you’ve measured yourself (or been measured) incorrectly.

On the other hand, you’ve got much more chance of adding 10 inches to your shoulder measurement if you really fill out your frame and experience some more clavicle growth.

So that’s both 10 inch shoulder questions answered. I hope that you found the answer you were looking for.