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Is building 25 inch shoulders or 26 inch shoulders possible?

Is building 25 inch shoulders or 26 inch shoulders possible?

One thing’s for sure; 25 inch shoulders and 26 inch shoulders are extremely wide, and you could go your entire life without ever seeing a human with 27 inch shoulders or 28 inch shoulders.

Outside of superhero movies, such shoulder measurements are remarkably rare and are certainly unattainable for the vast majority of people—even those with a larger frame.

You can learn how to take a shoulder measurement to see how you compare, but I highly doubt that your shoulders will be 25 inches.

How wide are 25 inch shoulders?

A man with muscular 25 inch shoulders

How wide are 25 inch shoulders on a person? It should be clear that 25 inch shoulders are incredibly wide for anyone because they’re 6-7 inches broader than normal for an adult male.

That might not sound like a lot, but since shoulder width doesn’t seem to vary as much as something like height does, 6-7 inches is a huge and highly noticeable difference.

It suffices to say that if you ever see someone with genuine 25″ shoulders, you’ll instantly take notice of their imposing upper body and marvel at the size of their physique.

Of course, none of this is to say that you can’t still have broad shoulders if your shoulders measure less than 25 inches. Rather, it’s simply to highlight the sheer width of 25 in shoulders because it’s not a sight that you’ll see every day.

Does anyone actually have 25 inch shoulders?

A man showing his broad 25 inch shoulders

While having 25 inch shoulders is obviously extremely rare, this doesn’t mean that some people don’t have a 25 inch shoulder width.

I’m sure that there are some professional athletes—think football players and basketball players—who have 25 inch shoulders due to a combination of frame size and muscle mass.

Additionally, there are likely a decent number of professional bodybuilders who have shoulders that measure 25 inches or even more.

So as I’ve said before, in order to get 25″ shoulders, 26″ shoulders, or 27″ shoulders, you need one of two things and perhaps both; a massive frame with long clavicles and/or superphysiological levels of upper body muscle mass.

How about ​​26 inch shoulders?

The 26 inch shoulders of a bodybuilder

Anyone with 26 inch shoulders is a genetic outlier in some way. Although a few people might be able to get 24 or 25 inch shoulders by filling out their frame, sculpting 26 inch shoulders or 27 inch shoulders is a whole different story.

But why? After all, 26 inch shoulders are only an inch bigger than 25 inch shoulders, right?

That’s true. But when your shoulders are already extremely wide, adding an extra inch is so difficult that it’s hard to put into words.

After all, the deltoids as a muscle group don’t contribute that much physical width to your shoulders unless you’re a pro bodybuilder; it’s your clavicle width that really gives you broad shoulders.

And it’s not like you can widen these crucial bones. So there’s very little that you can do besides widening your deltoids and upper back muscles and perhaps also improving your posture.

Could you build 25 inch shoulders naturally?

A muscular male with 28 inch shoulders

Yes, it’s definitely possible for a person to build 25 inch shoulders or even 26 inch shoulders naturally. But is it possible for you?

It depends. If you have a really big frame (let’s say you’re 6′7″) that’s well filled out, then there’s a decent chance that you can get 25″ shoulders. But for the rest of us?

Probably not. Unless you have the necessary combination of really wide clavicles and heaps of muscle mass, you likely don’t have the ability to attain 25 in shoulders naturally. But you might be able to come close.

How about 28 inch shoulders?

A bodybuilder flexing his 28 inch shoulders

Now we’re getting into the borderline unbelievable shoulder width territory. Are there any people on earth who’re walking around with 28 inch shoulders or 29 inch shoulders?

I certainly haven’t seen any. But then again, I’ve not measured any professional strongmen, who’re some of the biggest people on the planet.

I’d be willing to bet that at least a few strongmen have 28 inch shoulders since they’re usually very tall and wide. Plus, they have so much muscle mass that I could definitely see the tape stretching beyond 28 inches in a few cases.

Outside of this elite group of lifters, I highly doubt that anyone has 28 inch shoulders. Even the biggest guy in your gym is probably nowhere near the 28 inch mark.

In conclusion

A man with wide 26 inch shoulders

While it would be cool to have 25 inch shoulders, 26 inch shoulders, 27 inch shoulders, or even 28 inch shoulders—you’d basically be a superhero—such a shoulder width simply isn’t achievable for most people.

As I said, clavicle width doesn’t seem to vary as much as height, so you just don’t see many people with massively wide shoulders outside of perhaps professional strongmen.

But this isn’t to say that sculpting 25″ shoulders or even 28″ shoulders is impossible. Rather, it just requires certain genetics that most people don’t have.