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Are 21 inch shoulders broad or not?

Are 21 inch shoulders broad or not?

Knowing the average male shoulder width, you’re definitely broader than the average man if you have 21 inch shoulders. Of course, your height, build, and body fat level all affect how your 21″ shoulders look, so it’s not like everyone with 21 inch wide shoulders will have the same kind of physique.

How Do Your Shoulders Stack Up?

Are 21 inch shoulders broad for men?

A man showing his broad 21 inch shoulders

Are 21 inch shoulders broad for a man? Yes, 21 inch shoulders are definitely quite broad for a man because they’re around 2-3 inches wider than average. You can definitely consider yourself wide if you have 21 in shoulders.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the physical width of your shoulders measured from deltoid to deltoid rather than your biacromial breadth, which only takes into account your clavicle width.

Of course, 21 inch clavicles would be unbelievably broad. But even 21 inch shoulders in total are still pretty wide for an adult male. Indeed, if you’ve genuinely got 21 inch wide shoulders, then you either have a naturally wide build and/or have put in some serious effort in the weight room.

Are 21 inch shoulders wide for a woman?

A female with 21 inch shoulders

Are 21 inch shoulders wide for a woman? Yes, 21 inch shoulders are extremely wide for a woman. In fact, 21″ shoulders are a staggering 5-6 inches wider than normal for a female.

So, if you’re a woman with 21 in shoulders, then it’s highly likely that you’re either really tall (and therefore have a large bone structure) or you’re some kind of professional bodybuilder.

I realize that a lot of women are worried that their shoulders are too broad. And while 21 inch shoulders are much wider than average for a woman, you should just embrace the size of your shoulders if they’re a result of your bone structure.

On the other hand, if you’re carrying a lot of excess body fat around your deltoids and upper back, then you can likely shrink your shoulder measurement by losing some weight.

Is it good to have a 21 inch shoulder width?

A muscular man with a 21 inch shoulder width

Whether or not having a 21 inch shoulder width is good depends on the kind of physique that you’re trying to achieve. If you want to build a masculine v-taper, then, yes, having a 21 inch shoulder width is definitely a good thing because you’ll look pretty broad.

Indeed, when it comes to shoulder width, it’s hard to become too broad if you’re a man seeing as wide shoulders are one of the defining factors of the typical male physique, especially as portrayed in movies.

On the other hand, if your 21″ shoulders are the result of you being overweight or obese, then you should seek to lose weight so that you can improve your health. Many people are surprised at how much their measurements shrink when they start to drop body fat.

Of course, most people with 21 inch wide shoulders have 21 inch shoulders because of their bone structure. So it’s not like your clavicles get narrower when you lose weight.

It’s just that—in some cases where the individual has a lot of body fat—leaning down often means losing fat from their deltoids and upper back, which can often result in a smaller shoulder measurement.

What do 21 inch shoulders look like?

So, what do 21 inch shoulders look like exactly? On a man, 21 inch shoulders look broad. On a woman, 21 inch shoulders look extremely wide.

In general, the shorter that you are with 21 in shoulders, the wider your shoulders will look. This is because if you’re short and you have 21″ shoulders, then your clavicles are obviously long in relation to your other bones.

This isn’t to say, of course, that tall people with 21 inch wide shoulders will look narrow. Indeed, there are numerous people over 6 feet with 21″ shoulders. The main reason that a short person would have 21 inch shoulders is if they’ve filled out their frame via resistance training, which can make them look wide and bulky.

Similarly, if you’re skinny with 21″ shoulders, then you could say that you’re broader than a muscular person with 21″ shoulders because more of your shoulder width consists of bone as opposed to muscle mass.

This means that by adding muscle to your thin frame, you could very likely add another couple of inches to your 21 inch shoulder measurement.

Conclusion: Do many people have 21″ shoulders?

A man with 21 inch wide shoulders

As mentioned, if you have 21 inch shoulders, then you’re a fair bit broader than average.

But since 21 in shoulders aren’t mega wide, there are still plenty of people who have 21 inch wide shoulders, especially those who are quite tall and/or have a lot of muscle on their frame.