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Does anyone have 24 inch shoulders?

Does anyone have 24 inch shoulders?

Anyone with 24 inch shoulders is a genetic outlier in some respect. Either they’ve got incredibly wide clavicles, or they have superphysiological levels of muscle mass.

The average shoulder length measurement is much less than 24 inches, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few gifted individuals who genuinely have 24 inch wide shoulders.

But could a normal person sculpt 24″ shoulders? Let’s find out.

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How wide are 24 inch shoulders?

A muscular man measuring his broad 24 inch shoulders

Just how wide are 24 inch shoulders exactly? Based on all anthropometric data, 24 inch shoulders are extremely wide. Indeed, 24 in shoulders are approximately 5-6 inches broader than normal for an adult male. That’s some serious width.

Anyone with a 24 inch shoulder width likely has very long clavicles and a solid amount of muscle mass (and perhaps fat) on their large and imposing frame.

If you have 24 inch shoulders, then people will instantly recognize that you’re a very broad and masculine individual. After all, shoulder width really is one of the most defining traits of the typical male physique. Just watch any superhero movie if you don’t believe me.

Of course, as you’re about to learn, building 24 inch shoulders requires more than just patience and consistent workouts—you need the right genetics to have 24″ shoulders.

Is it possible to build 24 inch shoulders naturally?

A bodybuilder doing a shoulder press

So, can you actually build 24 inch wide shoulders naturally? Yes, you can. It’s certainly not impossible to build genuine 24 in shoulders. However, achieving a 24 inch shoulder width is very unlikely for most people. Let me tell you why.

The vast majority of your shoulder width is determined by the length of your clavicles. Once these bones have stopped growing, there’s no way to make them longer. So the only way to increase your shoulder width is to add muscle mass or fat tissue to your upper back and deltoids.

But if you’ve got fairly narrow shoulders genetically, then you’d need a massive amount of upper body size to get 24 inch shoulders. This is why I say that the only people who can get 24″ shoulders are professional bodybuilders, strongmen, and a few other people with wide clavicles.

Even if you have an average build with a filled-out frame, it’s still pretty unlikely that you’d have 24 inch wide shoulders. After all, it’s not like the deltoids add that much physical width to your shoulders (although they can certainly make your shoulders look much wider).

What does it mean if you have a 24 inch shoulder width?

A broad man with a 24 inch shoulder width

As mentioned, there are two reasons for people having 24 inch shoulders; genetically wide clavicles and superphysiological levels of muscle mass.

It’s quite likely that there are a good number of football players and basketball players who have a 24 inch shoulder width due to their large bone structure and huge amounts of muscle mass.

On the other hand, professional bodybuilders, who tend to have more narrow and compact frames, might have 24 in shoulders due to having an incredible amount of muscle mass on their frames.

So unless you’re a genetic outlier in some way, it seems very unlikely that 24″ shoulders would be within your reach. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t try to sculpt 24 inch wide shoulders.

Conclusion: How many people have 24 inch wide shoulders?

A bodybuilder with 24 inch wide shoulders

Honestly? Not many. The reality is that most people with broad shoulders probably don’t even have 24 inch shoulders!

Of course, there are bound to be some individuals who do have a genuine 24 inch shoulder width.

But since few people measure their shoulders—let alone share that measurement publicly—it’s difficult to know just how broad certain groups of people are who would be likely to have 24″ shoulders (strongmen, basketball players, etc.).