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How hard is it to get 23 inch biceps?

How hard is it to get 23 inch biceps?

Even if you know how to measure your arms like a pro so that you can squeeze out every inch of size, it’s so unlikely that you’ll ever have 23 inch biceps that it may as well be impossible.

However, there are lifters out there who have genuine 23 inch arms. And, for some natural lifters, getting 23″ biceps may actually be possible if they have the right genetics. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Yet, even if you can’t get 23” arms, you’ll still be able to develop your bicep muscles by training consistently, progressively, and consuming a good diet.

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How hard is it to get 23 inch biceps?

A big bodybuilder with 23 inch arms

Getting 23 inch biceps or 23.5 inch biceps (60 cm biceps) is extremely challenging for any human being. Not only do you need the right genetics [1] and incredible dedication to bodybuilding, but you also need years and even decades of patience.

In terms of genetics, if you want to build 23″ arms naturally, then you’re going to need a colossal frame. So if you’re not at least 6’7″ with long arms, then you’re never going to get 23 in biceps naturally.

Additionally—if you do have the frame size—you’ll very likely need to bulk up to a high body fat percentage because just about nobody can build lean 23 inch biceps as a natural lifter.

So even though sculpting 23 inch arms is unlikely, it’s not impossible with the right genetics and extreme amounts of patience. The real question is, for most naturals, why would you want to build 23″ biceps if that means living in the gym and getting fat?

Case studies of people with 23 inch arms

These 23 inch bicep case studies show you how 23″ arms look on different physiques.

Case study 1: Andrew Jacked

Chinedu Andrew Obiekea (Andrew Jacked) has 23 inch biceps with a pump…while being absolutely shredded. Just imagine how big his arms would be if you bulked to say 15 % body fat. Maybe he’d set a world record.

He stands 6’2″ and has a remarkably aesthetic physique with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, a real rarity in today’s short-and-stocky bodybuilding world.

His workouts are surprisingly simple, which just goes to show that performing the basics with strict form is often much better than doing twice the number of exercises with sloppy technique.

Case study 2: Phil Heath

Phil Heath and “jacked arms” are virtually synonymous. His muscle bellies are full, and his biceps and triceps look completely filled out. You can see why he’s won so many Olympia contests.

Unlike some other pro bodybuilders, Phil Heath actually verified his 23 inch biceps via a tape measure on camera. So if you want a proven point of reference for what real 23 inch arms look like, Phil Heath is your man.

Of course, his measurement was taken while he was shredded. So just imagine how big his arms would be if he bulked up to even a normal male body fat (let’s say 15%).

One thing to note about Phil Heath is that he has an excellent mind-muscle connection, one which allows him to get the most out of every rep and set that he performs. Add in the incredible genetics, and you can see why his arms are some of the best to ever grace the Olympia stage.

Case study 3: David Ziegler

David Ziegler operates the YouTube channel ZIEGLER MONSTER and has 23 in biceps at a height of 5’11”. Having a bigger frame than the average bodybuilder, I have no doubt that his measurement is legit.

In his posing video, you can see that his triceps have an incredible thickness to them, no doubt earned through years of consistent training.

What’s incredible is the fact that he’s also extremely lean. Few lifters (indeed, few professional bodybuilders) have 23″ arms while having eye-popping vascularity and definition like Ziegler.

He’s definitely one to watch and easily gives some of the current Olympia guys a run for their money in the arm mass department.

Conclusion: Is it realistic to build 23 inch biceps?

A bodybuilder posing his 23 inch bicep muscles

Building 23 in biceps primarily comes down to having the right genes. In other words, even with hard work, not everyone has what it takes to grow 23 inch biceps—naturally or otherwise.

One thing that we do know, however, is that getting 23 in arms and 23.5 inch arms (60 cm arms) is possible. On the one hand, there are professional bodybuilders with 23 in biceps, and on the other side of the coin, you have big-framed natural lifters with a high body level.

So even though you or I might not be able to get 23″ biceps, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible for other lifters with different attributes and—shall we say—enhancements.


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